**Forgot to say before, but critique is welcome**

Hey, I'd post this where I usually put my poems but the person who 'inspired' it frequents the site.

I just got a B in English, so if it is feeble, we know the media is right!

Trying to drive me insane
Are you playing a game?
Or are you too lazy
To make a decision?
Youíre driving me crazy

And I thought I finally got somewhere
I took my own mental dare
But not even a morning of happiness
A rude awakening
And oh no! - SMS- distress.

Iím confused again
Is it my body or brain?
Tonight conversation is pending
But Iíve got a feeling I
Will never get my happy ending.

It's typical that I'm not an angsty person but the only time i'm ever inspired to write something is when its about silly boys. *slaps boy with dead mouse the cat just killed*