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Full Version: Eating Problems
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The Lorax
Hey guys, long time no see.

I'm kind of having a problem with food right now. I can't eat it. And I'm not sure why, because i'll be starving but as soon as I fix something, the hunger goes away, and if I eat any of the food (well enough to actually put something worthwhile in my stomach), then I get sick. I throw it all up. I have no problems with Liquids, but I'd rather not be on a liquid diet for much longer.

The only reason this is up here is because I've lost five pounds in the past week, and I'm already on the thinner side.

I'm just at a loss and I really don't have anywhere else to go at the moment... sad.gif
See your GP, asap. Simple as really.
The Lorax
QUOTE (little_bear @ Aug 20 2005, 05:23 PM)
See your GP, asap.  Simple as really.

You'd think so, huh? Well according to the conversation I had with my parents a couple days back:

"You'll be fine, it's just because you were sick before, just don't push it and eventually you'll have to eat something. Besides we don't have the recources to take you to see anyone."

Don't have the recources = Cheap
Aw hun, first of all, you're not a fatty. Second of all, do you have any other symptoms of illness? It might be a mental thing vs. something like the flu. It doesn't seem like you're throwing up on purpose... are there any other adults you can talk to about this? Do your best and try to eat something small to see if you can keep it down - even if it's tiny. If it's gone on for more than a week, I think you should see someone, it's a shame your parents don't want to take you sad.gif I am absolutely no expert on this matter, though... feel better soon. <3
I'm actually running into a similar thing. I'm rarely hungry at all and when I am, it's when I haven't eaten anything all day and my body _needs_ food. I force myself to eat and even when I do, it's nothing major. I never thought someone could live off of peanut butter sandwiches the way I do. I, too, have lost weight because of this, however, I don't worry too much as I'm more on the chubby side.

As for getting sick, when I wrestled in high school, I rarely ate. The funny thing was after meets or tournaments, we'd go out to eat somewhere and I could only have a little bit without vomiting. My guess was that it was because my stomach was so used to being empty that all that food made it upset.

I attribute my situation to stress and depression. School, responsibilities, getting dumped, friends and all of that can do it to you. My suggestion is to see if you have an abnormal amount of stress or depression right now. That often causes lack of appitite.

If that isn't the case, it would be best to go see your family doctor. In the meantime, invest in those meal shakes and energy drinks if you get particularly tired.
QUOTE (Righteous @ Aug 21 2005, 01:47 AM)
If that isn't the case, it would be best to go see your family doctor. In the meantime, invest in those meal shakes and energy drinks if you get particularly tired.

This is a very good idea. Also, if you need calories, I suggest blending up a bit of dessert tofu, fruit, yogurt and juice together. It's still a drink, but it's all yummy and healthalicious.
Quoth(The Raven)
As has been stated, it could be Psychological, or it could be physical.

Personally, I'm sick of the way society tries to make the overweight feel worthless, or at the very least, diseased... If someone were to try this same Cr*p, based on our skin color, or religion, there would be groups raising all kinds of holy hell. But those of us who are overweight are expected to take the abuse and prejudice, or conform to what someone else thinks we should look like.

And then they wonder why we develop eating disorders...

Hang in there. Maybe you should try eating someone else's cooking? I know, that if I try to cook something ambitious, I often don't feel like eating it, after it's made...
Try eating a little bit of food at a time and seeing if you can keep it down. If you can, then gradually eat more until you have a normal amount with each meal. If you can't keep any food down, then seeing a doctor is really a good idea. If your family refuses to take you, then you should probably see a school counselor or talk it over with someone you trust. You're not a fatty, and anyone teasing you about it is a complete and utter moron. Try to ignore them. *hugs* Hope you feel better soon!
Have you recently found marks on your neck? Have you been having problems with sunlight and want to stay in the dark all the time? Have your teeth been pointier than usual? If so, you might be coming down with a minor case of vampirism.


All spam aside, I'd deffinitely talk to your school counselors (if you have one). They might be able to help you talk your parents into letting you see your GP. And as long as you can only hold down liquids, deffinitely start using the blender often.
The Lorax
I talked to my dad lastnight, and he said he'd talk to my mom about a doctor. So hopefully that'll get going soon. And I did manage to eat four bite sized brownies, so maybe it's resolving itself?

I'm pretty sure Righteous hit the nail on the head, it's probably stress.

...or Fey...not sure yet. tongue.gif

And to all who have been assuring me I'm not fat:

I know I'm not it's a title you get once you join my school's Colorgaurd. We're all skinny, so we're the gaurd fatties. biggrin.gif Thanks for the kind words though.
Not eating's bad, because the longer you eat less the less you can stomach. I usually can't stomach much food before I feel ill. My advice is, if you really, really aren't hungry, eat something light, like an apple or peach--that sort of thing is easy to keep down but will keep you from passing out. And try a brisk walk around the block after you eat a meal; it'll settle your stomach, because that way your body uses some of the fat/sugars immediately. But you still get the protein and whatnot that you need. I find it's sort of a mental disconnect, where I just can't work up the energy to care about the food or to digest it afterwards, and my body just goes blah. So I personally don't find food very appetizing most of the time but you gotta eat to survive. Good luck.
I use to go through something very similar. It only ended this year when people bought me lunches at school and I'd feel obligated to eat. I'm one of thoes people that like making people happy as long as it doesnt harm myself. So I'd eat lunch because they wanted me to.

Before this year though mostly I wouldnt eat lunch and I'd eat a little something when I got home and breakfast I couldnt just handle and it sustained me that way for quite a while. I think it might have been a phase I went though, coupled with psychological problems and lots of changes in my life. So stress could definatley be a part of it for you.

My advice is to just hang in there and try to maybe nibble on things throughout the day? Your stomach might have shrunk alot and might not be able to handle a whole meal so if you just eat very small amounts of something maybe every hour or so that might be good for you. Also, my science teacher once advised me to atleast eat a cookie for lunch, because your brain needs glucose to keep working. They have these glucose tablets at pharmacies, they're ment for diabetics but they're over the counter things and it might be good to take one of thoes every once in a while, if you're feeling tired or slow.

I'm no expert though tongue.gif
You could do what I do. Even though you aren't hungry per se, eat something small every few hours as opposed to an actual mean. It keeps you going.

And there is hope. I woke up and had a cereal bar almost immediately afterward. Last night, I ate what we call an Enzoburger (my friend Enzo cooks apectacularly) and I finished the whole thing. It was like the size of my fist (flattened somewhat, of course)! THe fact that I was at Enzo's and it's a stress-free environment and he's good to talk to may have helped the situation.

Hmm. If you think stress/depression is a cause or factor, try eating in a non-stressing environment. Come over to Enzo's sometime. tongue.gif
The Lorax
Good news, everybody----Food likes me again. I've been able to actually eat suddenly and though it's not a humongous ammount it's enough to get me through the day. I still don't know exactly why, but it seems to have gotten better.
Yay Kaede! *lots of hugs*

Keep up the good work! happy.gif
In future, though, if you have any doubts or worries, see a doctor. He/she may have had experience of handling cases such as this, so they could maybe give you some more guidance.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Quoth(The Raven)
Yay for recovery!
Something else to consider if it happens again, is whether you're on any medication. Medication can have a massive effect on your appetite, usually suppressing it (depends on what medication, obviously).
May sound like a silly question but a re you a migriane sufferer? I have the sme problem periodically and my doctor ALWAYS diagnosed it as Gastric flu. Thing was that I did't FEEL sick just unable to eat cos my stomach was always hurting. Either from not eating or from eating. I eventually went along to a nurse for a general checkup and casually mentioned it to her. She said "Oh your suffer from Migraines too? You probably have ABDOMINAL migraines too" "Say what?" I replied She asked about stress etc and we pinpointed the stomach pain etc was probably due ot stress and that there is pretty much nothing I could do except not get stressed. So it could be that
i had mono this summer and i couldnt eat a thing. i lost 10 lb that i needed to loose and i look great.....but i dont do anything and im scared im going to gain it all back now because im eating again. and i hate excersize because my boobs are too huge. (36dd-ddd)
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