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Full Version: Hope for when you are down
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Hi -

I've gotten a bipolar disorder (manic depression) and it makes life real tough at times but am still battling on with it. Anyway as one in four of us are going to have some mental health problems I'm not so alone as I thought. Had it for 10 years now and life has its up and downs.

Don't know if many of you folk have these issues but have have any of you read a really cool book called The Naked Bird Watcher by Suzy Johnston? Well she has a condition and it is such a good book. It is just so helpful and reassuring - You can get it on Amazon

Not sure if I am meant to talk about my disorder on here but when things are bad it is good to talk you know. Anyway am not too bad these days and thought i would just say hi

Hi Felicity,

Welcome to Matazone. Here or Introductions or Personal concerns are all good places to talk. I hope things continue to go well for you.

Again, welcome.
A very warm hello to you, Felicity. It is good to know that you are well, and, as Ashbless said, I hope things continue to be so for you. Well, luckily, I don't have bipolar; also, I've never read The Naked Bird Watcher. However, I'll keep in mind to look for it should I get back into that thing where the books I read have more words than pictures tongue.gif . On the subject of books for when you're down, if you're into manga, Fruits Basket is a good one (which I'm a rabid fan of) that could cheer just about anyone up. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time here. I wish you well.
QUOTE (Felicity @ Aug 30 2005, 04:24 PM)
Not sure if I am meant to talk about my disorder on here but when things are bad it is good to talk you know.


Hello and welcome.

It's true, you're not meant to talk about your disorder here. But then again, you're not meant to talk about anything in particular here. Equally, there's nothing that you're not supposed to talk about either. There's only a few Rules (I suggest you follow the link and read them if you haven't already), which basically boil down to "don't be an idiot". You can talk about whatever you like, whenever you like.

As an aside though, this topic probably belongs in Personal Concerns, so I'm going to move it there with the awesome powers of my administrator pants.

*waves magic Y-fronts*
*swoons at Jonman's y-fronts*

Hi Flick, welcome to the forums. I hope you decide to stick around for awhile. To introduce myself- I am Jonman's wife and I also have bi-polar disorder.

Nice to meet you.
Quoth(The Raven)
Hi. I'm a recovering depressive, so I have the worst half of your disorder... all the lows, none of the highs... but I get by.

Welcome to the asylum... here, we amuse, entertain, and support each other... occasionally, we get on each others nerves, but that's life-- and temporary. Hang in there. and enjoy yourself...
I don't have any mental disorders (unless you count my low idiocy tolerance), but I'm willing to talk and listen, and so are most of the people here whenever you're feeling down. I've never read the book, but I'll look into it for one of my friends. Thanks for mentioning it! smile.gif
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