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Full Version: Curse my stubbornness.
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{Gothic Angel}
Every year, at new year, a whole bunch of families including mine (the people we game with) have a themed new year party type thing. We all wear costumes and have a sit down meal, where the adults cook for the kids and the kids cook for the adults and mess around and generally have fun, get drunk and make idiots of ourselves. It's great biggrin.gif

This year, I've finally decided to stop letting mum help me with my costume, cos we always end up arguing and I don't get to wear what I want dry.gif So I told her I could make my own this year. And she said fine, don't expect any help.

At which point I was told I need to wear period medievil costume. I probably could throw something together, but I'd like it to be 1) historically accurate and 2) nice-looking for once. I'd also like to work a corset in there somewhere if I can.

So, yeah. Advice? Help? Anything at all - cheap shops, materials, patterns, would be appreciated smile.gif
Try here:

Alternatively, go to your local fabric shop and have a look in the back of the pattern catalogs. There are usually a selection of period costume patterns in there.
Oh gee!

If your comfortable with drafting your own pattern then this is great tongue.gif

If not then I can give you a site that will tell you if the patterns found in common pattern books are worth spending your money on for a period look or not.

I'd start sending links to you but I'm not exactly sure what class you're going for and the sites tend to have alot of stuff on them and I get lost so I'm not sure if you'd be doing much better tongue.gif

So this lady has a collection of middle and upper class costume's she's made and she has instructions written herself somewhere (sometimes) but if you see something you like I could probably find better instructions for them.

Also, if you're going for one of her things you'll be needing a corset. But no worries! Elizabethan style'd corsets are the easiest to make (in my opinion)
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