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Full Version: um, a little help here?
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I just found out from one of my friends that his mum die. I knew she had been in hospital, but I didn't know what for.
She had depression, and shot herself this morning.

I don't know what to do! There isn't anything I can really do, but I want to do something to help him and his family (he has an older sister and a dad).
He is 18, and has a girlfriend so I suppose she will take most responsibility of helping him...

I just feel so useless!
depressed lonely crazy person
It sucks to be in his and your situations. I personally have had 7 aquaintances die this year all you can do (as I see it) is try to be as normal as possable while being understanding if the person in question wants to have a heart to heart.

In situations like this, people always want to do something and feel helpless and dont't know what to say. Just be yourself, be there for your friend. Let him cry shout scream or whatever, you dont have to do anything. Just be there.
funky fairy
I agree with bikerroc, I dont reckon anyone will say or do the right or wrong thing, just be consistent in whatever you do. Its often in the early days they have loads of friends rallying round, but in weeks to come he might still need compassion, so just be there.
He'll know there isn't anything you can do, as such, to help in the grand scheme of things.

But... if he needs to talk about it, be happy to listen. When he doesn't want to talk about it, be happy to take his mind elsewhere. I am sure you are already more than willing to do this, and probably already doing so already.

Just... be a friend.
There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Just be there to talk and offer a shoulder to cry on if your friend wants it. Hey may not want to talk, but he will feel better if he knows that you're willing to listen and be his anchor. Just be there for him and make sure he knows you care.
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