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Full Version: I've finally done it!
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'ello all! A couple of you know me already, and for those of you who don't, I'd love to get to know you and hopefully converse with you here sometime in the near future. I'll admit it now, I've been a lurker for quite a while, and after much poking from some my friends, I've finally joined the forums. I'm sure most of you will find out more about me once I start posting regularly, assuming that there's not too much work to do that can't be avoided. That's about it for now... Cheers!

It's nice to see you finally here.

Have a cookie.

*hands cookie*

See, joining the forums is fun! You get cookies!
*glomp* My noob!

Lurker we done poked?...Makes you sound like a blemish. tongue.gif

Here are some Gummy Bears to snack on 'till the real welcome crew arrives. And don't worry, luv, the duct tape comes off eventually, and it's cheaper than waxing.
Greetings, King Andre. *Extends hand to shake* I've been invisible for a while due to a summer of work but I says Hello to you and hope you enjoy your time here at Matazone. *Gives you a welcome basket with an assortment of fluffy things and fruits* happy.gif


Hey guys. I love this one. She's a real cutie pie.

Anyway, it's about time - I need to give you my cool little speech that I give to all newbies (well, used to...)

Hi, I'm PsychWardMike. I like Coffee and Capcom. Yay.

Have a ball.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *streaks through topic*
*streaks through topic*

That's not really something I needed to think about...
For that, I'm streaking doubly hard.

*streaks harder than anyone's ever streaked before*
*streaks harder than anyone's ever streaked before*

Can I join?
Bet I can streak better!

Anymoo, yay, I've gotten a bunch of posts already! But don't let that stop you, feel free to post lots and make me feel extra special! biggrin.gif

A little bribery couldn't hurt either... free hugs and muffins to all who post their love!
Muffins? I like muffins.

I'm new to but I am still going to post and say hi. So... Hi!
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ Sep 11 2005, 10:26 PM)
For that, I'm streaking doubly hard.

*streaks harder than anyone's ever streaked before*

*Gets rosy glow from the friction, then starts a small fire, by coming to a halt in a pile of dried leaves...*


Welcome aboard! Watch out for low flying critters of all persuasions, bubbling purple goo, and weird senses of humor... You never know when a giggling, kitten will come flying in, and splat you with a pie... made with (Ominous sting music, please) *Purple Stuff* (Bum bum bum!). laugh.gif

enjoy your stay!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Wow, I have so much money, it's almost embaressing!

*hopes that KingAndré is in fact a Monkey Island reference....* unsure.gif

Anyway, yay for people bringing real life friends to internet really! Yay! rolleyes.gif
Welcome to Matazone! This is a great place for chats of all types except cruel and obscene. Here's some quick rules (in case you missed the official ones):
1) Just be nice and use your common sense. No trolling or flaming.
2) Don't be an idiot.
3) Always type in correct English with good spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Or else Mata will make you eat your keyboard.
Anyway, post wherever you like, feel free to ask questions, and have fun! smile.gif
*hopes that KingAndré is in fact a Monkey Island reference....*

Actually, I can't say I've heard of Monkey Island. King André (or just André) has been my nickname for a number of years, and it started with a very strange inside joke consisting of "André! André! I've got the secret documents!"

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for a good topic/thread in which I can begin posting?

(mostly asking those of you who already know me, but suggestions from other people are also quite welcome)
Yay, you joined!! It's not like I post all that often, but now I have post by you to read too! Post in Issues.....

Love you,
Start in Daft and Games

These are some of my favorites:

Then, of course, there's Issues, which I tend to be quite active in. Any of the more current issues are good, but sometimes dredging up year old threads can be fun too.
'Ello. It's always nice to have friends of friends join up.

Although you don't know what Monkey Island is... *ponders instant banning until rectified* wink.gif
Heh. She's a great kid, but she's not a gamer Mata. tongue.gif
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