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Full Version: My Own Little Introduction
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Hello. I just joined the site and thought I might introduce myself in hopes of being adopted. My names Astrea. Well actualy its not but you all must call me Astrea because I said so. I have been here a couple of times before and finaly decided to join. I... ummmmm.... Nope. Thats all I can think of to tell about me. I am going to skip off to the pardise I call sleeping now. Night!

Actualy I lied. I tried going to sleep. Its not working. So I am going to be here staring at the computer screen for a while.
*hands Astrea a muffin*
And in case you are especially fond of muffins, may I suggest this for your amusement:

Anyway, hello and welcome, fellow newbie! Have fun here, and hopefully I'll see you again on another thread!
Ooooooo! Muffin! Yay! What flavor is it? -doesn't wait for a reply and decides its blueberry- Oh! Blueberry! Yay! My favorite! -gobbles down muffin in a perticularly unatractive fasion then licks fingers- I like muffins.

I have been to that website before. It is amusing. It also makes me very hungry for muffins.

Thank you very much for the welcome and muffin. Especialy the muffin.
Quoth(The Raven)
Hey, there! Have fun, and ignore any spats you come across... we all love each other here (Really), but like all good families, we have our little disagreements, from time to time...

oh, and watch out for ducttape, flying critters, and the infamous (Cue eerie reverb effect) *Purple stuff*. And if you're good, you may even get blown up, once or twice... (The first time is the hardest...). laugh.gif
Welcome to Matazone, home of the best insanity in the universe. Here's some quick rules in case you missed the official ones.
1) Be nice to people. Trolling and flaming aren't witty, just obnoxious.
2) Don't be an idiot.
3) Type in correct English with good spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, lest Mata poke raisins up your nose with chopsticks.
Wander around, talk with people, and have fun! smile.gif
Welcome, don't eat small biscuits
Thanks for the welcome. -waves to all the friendly people-
Hullo fellow new person person welcome your've come across an interesting area of the electronic wilderness. Hope you have fun.
Heyyyyyy Astrea.
Hope you have many great chats here, I'm new too!!
Happy posting !!
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