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Full Version: How faaaaaaab to be here !
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wink.gif Hiiiiiiii people.
I love the Matazone website so I thought I'd join this forum.

I'm Jodie and I live in Warwickshire, have been living in Warwickshire for a year.
I love the more gothic side of life, I'm looking forward to many great chats on here.

I_am_the_best Welcome to the forums. Have a slice of gluten free cake!
Oooh cake *licks lips*

Je m'appelle PsychWardMike. J'aime un beaucoup le cafč et le desineur du joueux au video CAPCOM. C'est magnifique!

J'ai une tres grande singe dans mes pantalons.


Passč un bonne journeč a la Matazone!
haunted tape-dispenser
Hmm....Does the gothic side of life include monkeys? Because if it does not I am afraid I am going to have to confiscate your appendix. You know, as reparations for the monkey's severe mental trauma. Why must you hate the monkeys so? WHY????????

(ignore that if monkeys are in fact included)

I say happy muffin day to you.
Welcome to Matazone. Here's my somewhat tongue-in-cheek rule summary in case you missed the official one.
1) Don't be an idiot.
2) Be nice. Flaming and trolling aren't cute, just annoying.
3) Type in correct English (or French if you're Mike tongue.gif ) and use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Or Mata will dip you in treacle and leave you for the yellow jackets.
Have fun, ask questions, and blend with the insanity! smile.gif
Hullo velcome to mata zone... hmmm I don't know if I'm autorized to say such things tongue.gif but bugger it I'm new here too.
Hallo und Willkommen zu Matazone.

Ich bin CheeseMoose und ich bin nicht Ihr Führer für heute. Ich genieße Musik und peotry, Übersetzungen der Gedichte an den Leuten spezifisch veranschlagend, ist so hier eine für Sie:

Bylo smazxno, lepex svihlí tlové
se batoumali v dŕlnici,
chrudosxní byli borolové
na mamné krsy zxŕrnící.

«Ó synu, strxez se Zxvahlava,
mŕ zuby, drŕpy prxeostré;
strxez se i Ptŕka Neklava,
zurxmící Bodostre!»

My, what a sparkly avatar you have. It's also pushing the boundaries of the 'no swearing' rule that you agreed to when you joined up...
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