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Full Version: i pierced my lip.
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thats a picture of it.

its still kinda swollen.

i did it thursday with a sewing needle.

how long is it supposed to stay swollen for


<33 rolleyes.gif
It'll hurt for a while. when I did my second piercing in junior year on the side (which is the hardest place to pierce yourself), it hurt for at least a week and didn't feel completely normal..well, ever. If I tugged on it, it started to hurt pretty easily. But if it isn't that swollen, give it a couple of days and just make sure it's clean and whatnot. :) Looks nice, by the by.
Two things-
and " why did you do it yourself?"

It does look cool though biggrin.gif
{Gothic Angel}
Wub Mel biggrin.gif

I haven't actually pierced my lip... but I plan to. Was it really painful and messy? Cos it might be worth me getting it done professionally if so...

It looks fab though smile.gif
haunted tape-dispenser
If you used alcohol on the peircer then you should be fine. If not you might want to either douse it (an acceptable option if you dont mind the taste of firey pee-water in your mouth) or go to a doctor at the first sign of ickyness. My friend did his ears with a saftey pin, and they got all infectedy and poofy. But hey! it looks nice! Huzzah for constructive mutilation!
I do my ears with needles, and as long as you have an earring to put in afterwards that you're not allergic to then it turns out fine.

Note, lips might be different.

When I pierce my ears I use alcohol to clean afterwards and they still end up a little swollen but it goes down after a day or so.
It looks good and I hope the swelling goes down. If it doesn't feel and look better in a week, go see a doctor. In the meantime, keep it clean and maybe put some alcohol or Listerine on it if you're worried about it. Anyway, it looks great! smile.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
Looks very nice. I was thinking about getting my lip redone a little higher up so I could fit a ring in it too, that was the original plan, but I'm not so sure it'd suit me anymore. I don't get how people would do it themselves though, maybe I'm just too chicken. But yes, looks good. smile.gif
Alcohol is ouchie. I suggest sea salt and water for a cleanser, or a non alcohol based mouthwash.
uninspired pizza guy
Gee, that looks mad! Would there be any issues with eyebrow piercing?
QUOTE (kidvicious2punk @ Sep 18 2005, 07:51 PM)
i did it thursday with a sewing needle.


You're kidding me, right?
DON'T PIERCE YOUR EYBROW/ TONGUE/ BRIDGE OF NOSE/ BELLY BUTTON/ GENITALS/ CARTALIDGE-Y BIT AT THE TOP OF YOUR EARS by yourself unless you are a trained professional/ have a desire to be dismembered/ get a nasty infestion and a big lump.

Just don't do it biggrin.gif
There are many complications with these sorts of piercings (if done by an unprofessional).
S'best to get them done professionaly.
Cath Sparrow
The top of the ear one still gives me trouble after something like 10 year and it was done by a professional! blink.gif
{Gothic Angel}
Yeah, my left ear has to have 2 days without earrings a week or it gets infected, and that was done by a professional. My friend has 3x in both ears, lip and septum done by herself, carefully, with needles, and is fine.
depressed lonely crazy person
Some people just can't take piercings.

Which is the new hole though they both look hot.
So about the after care, I'd say take some mouthwash (if it has alcohol that is) and dilute it 4 to 1. One being the mouthwash. Use that after anything goes in your mouth.

And as a note: Cleaning with alcohol is 100% a bad idea because it dries the skin and kills healing cells. Antibacterial soap would be what to use.
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