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Full Version: Looking for advice for a friend
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I have a friend who will do something like go up and get ready for bed and then she will find herself a couple of hours later somewhere else in her house. She has told me about this happening a couple of times. I was just wondering if this might be a symptom of some sort of disorder that anyone here might know of.
Off the top of my head, this sounds like (and don't hold me to this until there's further informaiton) it may possibly be multiple personality disorder.

But, I cuold be wrong, so let me ask some questions.

1. Does she rememebr nothing between those periods?
2. How regularly does she have gaps in her memory and/or have situations like that? (How many times a day, at the same time of day, etc...)
Yep, that sounds like sleep walking to me:

It's nothing to be worried about really, but going to a doctor to get checked out might be a good idea. If she's blanking out and going for walks before she even reaches bed then she should definitely go see a professional.
In responce to trunks_girl26 she remembers nothing between the periods and I have no idea how often it happens as she doesn't tell me much anymore unless I specificaly ask and she is getting sick of my 'concerned advise.'
I would also like to clarify that this does happen at night. More often in the afternoon before she has even considered going to bed.
Thanks for the responces. I am worried about her and apreciate the ideas on what could be happening.
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