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[COLOR=blue]I kind of am in need of some advice.
everyone in school is like basically bullying me around: teasing me, taunting me,kicking me, pushing me, calling me everyname in the book! theres only so much i can handle... ive had to deal with this for a very long time. im 17 and i go to boaz high school and these kids keep doing all this horrible stuff to me.and like ive heard from multiple people take up for yourself. but last time i did that i almost got sent to jail.
today in school this mean girl shoved me and i almost fell down the stairs and would have likely broken my neck.
i am not looking to bully them back i am just trying to find a way to make them stop. the principals arent really in favor of me right now and my mom thinks i have brought this on to myself and changing schools is not an option...

so with that being said i was kind of wondering if someone could give me the slightest bit of advice of what to do in a manner that i wont get in trouble for doing.[/
Honest response: there is absolutely nothing that can be done, in my experience. Wait until you can go to university or college, and get the hell out of there. Go to a big city, or a liberal arts college. They're alot more accepting , from what I've seen.

... I realize this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but in my experience, there's absolutely nothing that can be done, aside from murdering people, and I don't suggest that. I REALLY don't suggest that, cause then you've got the whole jail thing going on.

Um. And *hugs* I feel for ya. I had to put up with the same sort of thing for about well, 6 years. You don't have that much longer, though...
im supposed to be a senior but instead am a junior because in second grade i was gone to the hospital for half a yr and therefore didnt know the material i needed to know for the third now im currently in the same grade with my little sister and oh my gosh she gets so so very mad at people who pick on me and do all this stuff to me like she will totally tell them off and everything.... *laughing like heck* but its kinda funny that she is able to take up for me and for herself but im better at taking up for other people rather than taking up for myself! haha!
but yeah im a junior right now and i still have a year and a half before i graduate may of 2007
but i'll manage to adapt to the school life as days progress.. so thanx for the advice and no im not someone who goes and assaults people but i have hit someone on the shoulder which got me sent to the office and i was being threatened to get sent to jail but luckily no charges were pressed against me...
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