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In IRC today, we were discussing the fact that the forum needs a bit of humor...and maybe even some friendly competition. syuu came up with the idea of Matazone Survivor, and asked me to host it, since she wants to play wink.gif

If you want to play, go ahead and apply. Creative applications are encouraged, as I will be choosing only 12 people from all the applications. So, make me want to choose you!

Rules will be announced after I have chosen the contestants. You have 72 hours starting from the time I post this to apply (so about 7PM Pacific time on Tuesday is the deadline). I will also be choosing some who do not make it to be contestants to be production crew (to help me think up challenges biggrin.gif )

Applications should include at least the following information (but you can include more if you like, feel free to try impressing me):

Favorite sea dwelling creature:



(it'd suck less if i still had PSP. darn!)
Name: St. Sarah of Bologna.
Age: No longer in diapers, but can't vote yet.
From: Some godforsaken city in Dorothy's state, Connecticut, yuppy paradise, and the middle of nowhere. In chronological order.
Likes: Radiohead, sarcasm, making people on public transport stare
Dislikes: egomaniacs, fish.
Favorite sea dwelling creature: Born-again scuba diver looking for salvation in the depths of the Mariana Trench.
Fallen Element
Mine is nowhere near as fancy as syuu's but I'll give it a bash anyway!

Name: Fal

Age: 18

Location: Dundee, UK

Likes: Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, brown paper packages tied up with string and snazzy show tunes apparantly!

Dislikes: Biting dogs, stinging bees, feeling sad and mean people.

Favourite Sea Dwelling Creature: Seahorsees!

[ass kissing time]
I also love people who have names beginning with "c" and people who think up creative threads on forums really fascinate me! Oh yes, those people are just wonderful! *gush* *gush* *gush*
[/ass kissing time]

Fal xXx
Name: LoLo
Age: 26
From: My parents loins.
Likes: Eating cheesecake, learning stuff, making people laugh, and many other insane and silly things.
Dislikes: Stupid people including people who don't realize that cars cause air pollution, steal pencils, and drink gallons of milk all at once.
Favorite sea dwelling creature: The seahorse because the male carrys the offspring. Now there's a creature that has womens lib down.

You should totally pick me because I am like cool and funny and will hide in a tree so people don't realize that I'm actually there and can vote me off. They'll forget I exist and I'll win by default.

That and of course I'm willing to do any type of sexual act to whomever is going to picking the people for the show, or at least get someone to do that to the person if that person doesn't wish to have me do anything to them. I do have my own set of whips, and itzakadoozies. Who's ready for some rich fudge and intense cherry?
Name: Mike

Age: 18 in two days

From: Viewtiful World.

Likes: Stuff, monkeys, pie, Capcom, coffee, boobs, cartoons, Mata, poker, good anime

Dislikes: Brussell sprouts, clunky cameras, low frame rates, poor controls, Disney's new movies, anything that comes straight to DVD, diet soda, bad anime, angst, emo, labels, people

Favorite sea dwelling creature: Sea monkeys. Those banana eating, sea dwelling, poo flinging bastards. *chuckles*
I should be picked because I play by my own rules, and some people don't like that, but that's okay. And I'm not afraid to get down with myself. *works it, works it* Yeah... look at my fanny. Look at my fanny.

And I can cook and lift heavy things. And, like Lolo, I will do muchly sex things.
name: Sean.

age: Eighteen, which means I can legally drink here, w00t w00t.

From: The grim and filthy metropolis known as London. Currently residing in green and leafy Sheffield, the jewel of Yorkshire.

Likes: Swords, pretty girls, pretty boys, comic books, East Asian food, death rays, tea.

Dislikes: Badly-made tea, poor English, responsibility.

Favourite sea-dwelling creature: Giant squid.

You should pick me because I would bring a much-needed air of class and refinement to this endeavour.
Name: little_bear
Age: Eighteen
From: The glint in the milkman's eye.
Likes: Long walks by the sea, a good book, a good pipe and by jove, a good woman.
Dislikes: 'Teen-Comes-Good' movies and being sodomised against my will.
Favorite sea dwelling creature: Has to be an orca.
Why you should pick me: Cause I'm f__kin' ace, innit.

{editted by LoLo : Tsk tsk on the f-bomb}
NAME: Matthew

AGE: Old enough to know better...

FROM: That itch in my dad's pants.

LIKES: Adventure, dueling along clifftops, swinging from chandelier's, buckling my swash... Er, looking dashing?
But, if the mood takes me...
Laughing maniacally and tying people to rail road tracks!

DISLIKES: Weak tea, men who wear gold watches, my baser urges and bullies!

FAVOURITE SEA DWELLING CREATURE: One of those pale, blind albino thingies with the big old teeth... Crunch!

And I've been watching Lost, so I know what to do when stranded, oh yes I do!
QUOTE (Matthew @ Oct 2 2005, 11:48 AM)
And I've been watching Lost, so I know what to do when stranded, oh yes I do!

See dead people and get into knife fights?
Name: moopSte
Age: 21...huzzah! I can drink on both sides of the atlantic!
From: The middle of nowhere on the small island known as Britain.
Likes: Coffee, geekery, the noble mongoose, cheese, Candice and ear copulation.
Dislikes: Bananas, mushrooms, idiots and chavs.
Favourite sea dwelling creature: The platypus of course.
You should pick me because I'm the only one who can actually follow through with sexual favours offered. tongue.gif Also because if you don't I'll be forced to assume you don't love me anymore. >_>
Usurper MrTeapot
Name: I'm me, you're you, he's him.
Age: Ageless
From: A cardboard box under my bed.
Likes: Jaffa cakes, snuggles, drinking, reading.
Dislikes: I have a whole list.
Favorite sea dwelling creature: A Manatee. They're so cool.

Reason to have me: It'll be interesting. Add a touch of Viking Pirateness to the game.
Name: CheeseMoose

Age: uncertain

From: Stafford UK

Likes: Reading, listening to music, gigs, cheese and my friends. And mata's animations and forums, obviously

Dislikes: Adverts, chavs and stuff I don't like

Favorite sea creature: Ugly Fish, cos they don't get no lovin from anybody else

Why you should pick me: because I'll add some cheese to the game
Wait, I should add to mine that I also like hagfish, because you can make scones with the slime they exude.
Name- Daria
Age- 17
From- Suffolk
Likes- Properly cooked sprouts, octopus, sewing and making hats, my cat Oscar, going to gigs, making food, the beach, watching (good) films, sarcasm and generaly witty things
Dislikes- People thinking that platypus live in the sea, people who use their cars too often, the government, public transport, mobile phones and the soggy crumbs which come off bread when you get it out of the freezer to defrost
Favourite sea creature- Octopus!
Why you should pick me? Because of my fabulous qualities, and my animorphic powers...
Name: Jimi
Age: Old
From: Land
Likes: Some things.
Dislikes: All the other things.
Favourite water dwelling creature: Mick Jagger Fish.

Why to pick Jimi: Jimi does not want to be picked for he says he's 'too old for all that shenanigans' and that everyone should ignore this post entirely.
Name: unknown
Age: A bit shy of ye olde majority.
From: Carcinogen alley, land of the packing peanut and three-armed babies.
Likes: Muffins. In the past 24 hours my food intake has consisted of 2 chocolate chip muffins , 2 oatmeal, a pumpkin, and half a blueberry. And tea.
Dislikes: Dunkin Donuts, wet socks and people who walk very slowly in front of me.
Favorite sea dwelling creature: Albatross!

You should pick me because at this rate I will be turning into a muffin by the 72 hour deadline, and can be used as an emergency food supply.
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Oct 2 2005, 08:58 AM)
Why to pick Jimi: Jimi does not want to be picked for he says he's 'too old for all that shenanigans' and that everyone should ignore this post entirely.

Then why did you bother? Silly Jimi...

...I'm tempted to pick you out of spite now. tongue.gif

Also, just so you all know: offers of sexual favors will get you nowhere (unless you show up to make good on those offers coughcoughmoopcougcough), and picking apart other entries will only result in me ridiculing you. This isn't a presidential election, people. We have at least SOME class tongue.gif

(do you like how I basically asked someone for sex on here, then talked about class? I can do that, I'm the host!)
Name: Oscar
Age: 14
From: Mars
Likes: video games and programming useless crap. Matazone and the boosh.
Hates: 1337 and clowns (except some)
Favourite sea creature: Plankton
Why?: God knows.
Cath Sparrow
Name: hmmmm....... Car? Can? Cat....h Yeh! Cath!
Age: Feh!!!
From: the back of beyond
Likes: Things with extra shiney things on top and stuff.
Dislikes: Lots and Lots and not having a job!
Favourite sea creature: Those really freaky look one from the really deep parts of the sea and plankton.

Why you should pick me: I'm really not sure you should.....

apppy polly loggies for the huge size, and potential illegibility.

Pick me please!
Name:Chelsey. Or, you can call me by my nickname my family gave me and call me lulu.
Age:13. Unless your going by mental age, and then I'd be about 7.
From:The land of cowboy/hicks (AKA Texas)
Likes:Cute things. and Shiney things.
Dislikes:Going to school and doing chores. (basicly anything I'm supposed to do)
Favourite sea creature: Can you count penguins? If not, Jelly Fish. Yeah.

Pick me because: Doesn't every reality TV show have the sort of hick-ish person? What kind of Survivor would this be without one? Okay, so I guess I'm not really very hick-ish but if you want, I can tell everyone random facts about Livestock and yell YEEHAW at the top of my lungs every once in awhile. biggrin.gif
Name: Emma
Age: 13.
From: London.
Likes: Music.
Dislikes: Dark.
Favourite sea creature: Sea monkeys.
Pick me because: I am the best.
Name: David Antony Charles Richards Davis

Age: 22

From: Universe, Milky Way, Sol system, 3rd planet from the sun (Earth), UK, Greater London, Croydon, My House, My Chair, My Brain.

Likes: Really sophisticated gadgets, high level science debates, political debates, pondering.... and really cool cartoons (especially one with girls that have guns(girls holding guns look so much more awesome than guys with guns..))

Dislikes: That guy that was staring at me on the train today... and pikachu

Favourite sea creature: Penguins! "Oooo... lookit me, I'm so graceful.. until I get on land, then I turn into a dorky clumsy waiter".. haha

Pick me because: I'm really good at forward thinking.. this means, I am good at plotting, creating world destroying doomsday machines.. making evil revenge schemes.. and I'm sure there must be some kind of morale use of my forward thinking skills.... none are coming to mind so far.... *ponders*
QUOTE (candice @ Oct 2 2005, 05:25 PM)
  We have at least SOME class tongue.gif

We do?
Damn dry.gif
QUOTE (candice @ Oct 2 2005, 05:25 PM)
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Oct 2 2005, 08:58 AM)
Why to pick Jimi: Jimi does not want to be picked for he says he's 'too old for all that shenanigans' and that everyone should ignore this post entirely.

Then why did you bother? Silly Jimi...

...I'm tempted to pick you out of spite now. tongue.gif

Yeah? Well... if you do that I'll make a flying contraption out of coconuts and fly to freedom! Mweeheehee! Or does Mwuhaha sound better? I must practice my evil laugh sometime.
Name: believe

Age: 1000. Or 24. >.>

From: Oregon, the state o' ecologically friendly yuppies, hippies and rednecks.

Likes: Pixy stix, rpg's, anime, religion, philosophy, clever people and smiting fools.

Dislikes: Fools, loud ill-informed people on either side of the political spectrum, vegetables and much of pop culture.

Favorite sea dwelling creature: A tie between Great White Sharks and Orcas.
*pops popcorn and prepares to watch the Survivor battle supreme.*

Name: Ange

Age: whatever age you'd like me to be

From: Whatever state turns you on the most

Likes: boys, my boobs, and any sombination of the two.

Dislikes: anything that's not one of my likes.

Favorite sea creature: andthing realy horny- I mean, horn covered

Pick me because: I can make all your fantasys come true- even ones yopu didn't even know you had. wink.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (trunks_girl26 @ Oct 4 2005, 05:26 AM)
sexy stuff

I propose Ange be the Queen of MZS. A sexy Queen.
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Oct 4 2005, 04:53 AM)
I propose Ange be the Queen of MZS. A sexy Queen.

There is no "queen." There is, however, a sacrificial pig. And an immunity sombrero.

I've pretty much laid out how I want the teams to be. I'll be updating later with which teams everyone is on, the rules, where you are stranded, and what your first challenge is. biggrin.gif
Aaaaand...times up.

Congratulations, Survivors! You are going to have a fun filled vacation in...


And now, here are the teams.

First we have Team Irn Bru!
syuu as the token black guy/goth girl (yep, she's both at once)
moop as the host's favorite who is clearly using sex to gain immunity
artist unknown as the "artist" who takes to expressing her creativity in...unusual ways (where she gets coconuts in Siberia is beyond me).
MrTeapot as the corrupter of innocent girls
little bear as troublemaker #1
and of course, voices in my head as innocent girl #1!

Next we have Team Hagfish Slime!
CommieBastard as the "intellectual" one
trunksgirl as the buxom beauty who is always "falling out" of her top
PsychWardMike as troublemaker #2
Fallen Element as the peacemaker
CheeseMoose as the guy who sleeps all day in a hammock
and finally, gothictheysay as innocent girl #2!

The Production Crew will consist of:
LoLo - Writer of host's jokes
Cath - Host's wardrobe and makeup (help, someone! Save me from the spangles!)
and believe - Our cheerful network censor

There may also be surprise appearances by:
uninspired pizza guy
and I am the best

And JimiJimi will be playing a very special role. Since he submitted an application, then said he didn't know why because he was too old for it...he is going to be the sacrificial pig that is awarded to the winner at the end of the game! Yay! And here's a cage that's guarded by my IRC minions. With harpoon guns. This thing is more secure than Fort Knox...there will be NO escape. Oh, and I almost forgot! Here's a nice apple for Jimi's he stays good and silent. wink.gif

So here are the rules, kids: You must not suck. Suckage will be determined by the host. You will have 2 days to complete each challenge. Your first challenge will be posted tomorrow, and will be an immunity challenge. Whoever wins immunity must wear the immunity sombrero as their av until they lose said immunity. I will post a picture of the sombrero after the first challenge.

After each immunity challenge is over, you will then have a challenge that you must complete with your team. The losing team has to vote one of their own off. Votes will be PMed to me directly, and I will proceed to read them out here all dramatic-like.

And that is all, for now, because your host must read her Leadership textbook! I will post the first immunity challenge as soon as I get online tomorrow (and, err...think of what on earth it's going to be. And as an aside, how many times did I use bold in this post?! Yeesh).

(PS: I shouldn't have to say this...but best to be sure. This is all a joke. Nothing said within this thread is meant to cause offense. Erm...nothing said by the host, anyway. I can't be responsible for the contestants. tongue.gif )
Yess! Innocent girl! Gee Candice you know me awfully well. wink.gif

I, personally, cannot wait.
Usurper MrTeapot
Can I be the corrupter of innocent girls on both teams? *looks gothictheysay-wards with evil intent*
Cath Sparrow
Costume and make for host. *starts panicing and ranting about noone for warning her it was in Siberia!!! Run off in search of a really big coat and some boots and considers getting some for the host whilst she's at it*
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Oct 5 2005, 04:13 AM)
Can I be the corrupter of innocent girls on both teams? *looks gothictheysay-wards with evil intent*

That was what I meant by that. You're the corrupter of both innocent girls. wink.gif

Also... blink.gif Cath. And to think...I was just worried about the spangles....
Yay! If I'm sleeping in a hammock doI still have to do the challanges? or will that just mean I'm voted off really quickly?
*Censors that outfit! Since the fabric clearly.. fell off along the way, ties a ribbon around Cand's waist for modesty.* unsure.gif
QUOTE (CheeseMoose @ Oct 5 2005, 08:52 AM)
Yay! If I'm sleeping in a hammock doI still have to do the challanges? or will that just mean I'm voted off really quickly?

You still have to do the challenges! You just probably won't get involved in any of the drama that reality shows seem to have. I was just playing and having fun when I put the roles up there don't have to conform to them or anything.

And Lynn...a ribbon? You couldn't censor me up a COAT?!
Cath Sparrow
And how on earth would a coat go with that outfit! Huh! Huh! You'd ruin the line of it completely!!! I can accept the ribon it censorship I cant do that much about it but a COAT!!! *flounces off in huff*
Well.. *watches Cath storm off. Considers and retrieves handheld heater, snow boots and a white faux-fur coat to complete the look.* dry.gif
Pass the ganja? And the black eyeliner?
Okay, everyone, here is your first Immunity Challenge!

Perform a google image search using only the word "wood." Post a picture of your choice from the search here, along with a witty caption. The most amusing one (judged by your scantily clad and slightly frostbitten host) will win immunity for this round.

You have two days to complete this challenge. If everyone finishes early, we will move on ahead of time.

Seating in the White House left a lot to be desired and was the cause of many an interesting facial expression during photographic sessions. Maybe a result of shortages leading to seats being moved up from the secret underground bondage chamber.

At, our expertise with wood allows you to shape, customize, and even shade your cock with brilliant, bright colours and intimate personality.

Mary looked on worriedly as Billy-bob psyched himself up for the all-comers pitchfork bottom prodding contest down on the farm.
Fallen Element

Bill wishes he had remembered to add "razors" to his shopping list. . . His pubes were driving him nuts!

Mourning Wood.

The cut backs in the prosthetic penis industry were really beginning to tell.
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