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Okay. As some of you know, I'm going 'cross country on a Greyhound this coming November. And while it hadn't exactly crossed my mind that this had the potential to be dangerous, a few people have sort've .. spooked me about it - meaning, I'm extremely paranoid about something going awry seeing as I'll be alone and the ride is about a day and a half long. 'Course, Cand's NYC story was very promising..

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone had done this before, and whether or not I should be as paranoid as I am, or what I should do, etcetera. Advice?
Don't worry!

I mean, don't take any candy from strangers or anything tongue.gif ....but you'll be fine. Most people will either sleep or find someone as chatty as they are to talk back and forth with.

You might even meet some nice people. My first trip to NYC, I spent one of the nights talking to a girl from Pennsylvania. As we were leaving either...Cleveland or Chicago, I can't remember which, she said, "Would you mind if I moved next to you? The bus is filling up pretty quickly, and you look normal." We ended up talking all the way to Pennsylvania. Which was nice, cause I was REALLY nervous about going to NYC for the first time.

Tons of people do it every day. Don't be spooked. If you get scared, just hang around all the old ladies. No one bothers them. wink.gif
Seriously, you'll be fine. Just keep your stuff with you, for peace of mind. Two duffel-ish sized bags are good, the overhead bins hold a lot. You don't just don't want anything huge. The bus bathrooms are icky and you'll likely want hand sanitizer if you care about cleaniness.

If you're worried about seatmates, I'd pick an older lady or a safe looking girl. Ask to sit by them instead of waiting for someone to sit by you. Bring a walkman and a pillow in your case, as you'll want to sleep/nap at some point. You should bring change or some kind of snacks as well, obviously. Though with as long of a trip as you have, there might be a fast food stop somewhere. And they give smoke breaks. wink.gif
Just stay somewhere where the driver can see you and try to sit near someone who is either sleeping or looks normal. Try to choose a woman if at all possible. Guys can get a bit creepy on long trips even if you know them to begin with. A sleeping *and* normal woman would probably be best. That way you won't have to listen to the seven-hour epic of "How I lost my little dog Muffins and found him again. Look at pictures of Muffins!" Even normal people are capable of babbling forever and never taking a hint to shut up. If you're next to someone who talks a lot about boring stuff, put on headphones or pretend to be asleep.
Anyway, don't worry. You'll be fine if you just use common sense and stay where the driver can see you. Your biggest problem on the trip is likely to be boredom, so take something fun with you. smile.gif
QUOTE (believe @ Oct 3 2005, 02:22 PM)
Though with as long of a trip as you have, there might be a fast food stop somewhere. And they give smoke breaks. wink.gif

There will be. They will stop at least 3 times per day for meals. Just make sure you're back on the bus on time, or they'll leave without you.

You can't drink alcohol or smoke on the bus. They're serious about that one. wink.gif

Also, don't sit in the front four seats. Those are reserved for handicapped passengers.
Argh, thanks, everyone. I do feel much better. I had a talk with my mother today about it, and, overprotective as she is, she wasn't even worried - said I'd be fine. So, I'll take all that advice, and Jimmy, you know how invisible I try to be. I'll probably rarely get up if at all possible and force my CD burner to un-suck so I have some Mew on my ride, y'know?

Ahh, now my biggest worry is a lack of shower for a day and a half. Much, much better. Thanks again. ^_^

(Oh, and I got it cleared with my boss today. Yay!)
Don't worry, a friend of mine took the bus from St. Louis, MO all the way to New Jersey and back with no problems. Just be careful and aware of what's going on around you, pick up some pepper spray if you really feel like it. Candice is right, you'll probably find some other nice people around.
If you're worried about being raped, carry one of these little babies. Well, I say 'carry' ... _

Not that I advocate penile mutilation, of course.
Oi, it was my idea pal. I think I might get one, to prevent anal rape; you're always at risk out here in the sticks.


Syuu, one thing ....don't take your shoes off. On long haul trips your feet swell, and you will have trouble getting them on at the end of it. Just untie them, but leave them on.
Wait, wait, wait. I'm supposed to wear that? ..That thing looks like things could go south real fast, but my, how clever. Can't I just bring a butcher knife so's it doesn't even get that far? :P

Oh, right, metal detectors .. I'll just use my kung fu.

Thanks, you guys. You're both pals. I can't wait 'till Christmas, now! ^_^ And grazie for the advice, Spacehappy. I wasn't aware of that.
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