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Full Version: Work placement.
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Hi guys.
Like everyone's life, mine has it's up's and down's.
I feel very lucky and deeply grateful to be in a work placement that I gain great experience in via teaching BSL. (As I used to live in Spain I'm so much more grateful to be here, back in the U.K as I know in Spain I wouldn't have found BSL and it wouldn't be my pathway.)
However, the work centre I train in is a centre for mentally ill people (it offers support groups etc.)
I have a history of depression and the last thing I need for my mental health is to be in the kind of enviormnet where everyone (even the boss!) has much more serve problems than me, because after a while it really effects me, I have a major drop in depression and I feel very worthless etc.
The drop in depression due to work placement used to go away after a few days but now (after 7 months of training there) it is a constant bad feeling.
My placement ends early Decemeber then I will ether enter into a job serch or get another placement.
I will more than likey enter a job serch to work with BSL, but, if I do enter a job serch and I have no luck for a long while then do you think I would be better getting another placement?
I will kepp you posted on updates with this.
Thanks for reading.
Cath Sparrow
I think yes go into another work placment but keep looking for the job you want it always looks better on your CV to say your doing something relevant at the time of the job search (or irrelavent it just looks better to be doing something). I'd even surgest you start the job search before this one finishes because you cant garentee you walk straight into a job when you finish.
I would have to agree with Cath. SHe gives good advice
Thanks for the advice.
I went for my gut feeling in the end (like I normally do.) smile.gif
I have a meeting this Friday about different placements, I will go on placements untill I have all my passes I need to work in Sign Language.
Looking forward to the new experience(s)
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