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Full Version: The 'Click the Banners' Game
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Since you all love Matazone so much and clicking the banners helps with funds, every time you *do* click one of them, post when you did here, and what it's of. Whoever clicks the most banners at the end of sixty days will win a fabulous prize*. biggrin.gif

* - syuu has yet to think of a fabulous prize.
I clocked up 20.

Damn your manipulative ways!
tv with legs
im sorry, but whats a banner? blink.gif
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Oct 6 2005, 10:55 PM)
im sorry, but whats a banner? blink.gif

*points to the random image at the top of the forums and the one down the right hand side*

Avast! They be th' fabled banners! To be clickin' on them adds mighty fine booty to Mata's war chest.
As I've mentioned in other threads about the banners, I don't get money per banner clicked, but clicking them does help me indirectly.

Basically there are several different firms that handle advertising for the UK (the banners are regional and the US advertisers are mostly all the same), some have high quality clients, such as TV companies, interior decoration, kitchen firms, that kind of thing. The other type has people like the Crazy Frog.

To get the posh advertisers you need to be getting around 120k hits per month from the UK, which amounts to around 300k overall. In the last month or so my site is finally doing this, but until then the only reason that the site could keep the nice adverts and avoid the damn annoying ones was because we got a good number of clicks generated.

Now, while clicks are good, it would look really odd if we keep on getting huge bunches of clicks at one time or another, bearing in mind that 10-20 clicks per day is considered a reasonably high click-through rate. I don't want to be accused of scamming things, but by all means click randomly through the day and keep track of how often you do this to win the special mystery Syuu prize!
QUOTE (Calantyr @ Oct 6 2005, 10:06 PM)
I clocked up 20.

21. Nak nak nak nak nak nak nak!
ohh... i can't see the clickyful banners...
I knot even going to try this game
^ umm... thats great to know....

32 times

EDIT: but now my computer's CPU is 96% aggahah.....
is it now?
7 banners before computer freaked
Little_twit, no-ones is forcing you to post here, you've already (unnessesarily) said you do' want to participate, so why are you still spamming the place up?

I click the banners when I can see them but that's not too often so I'm unlikely to win at this.
oooooo improvement for me 13 before the laptop freaked out!
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