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Full Version: swollen gums
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im 5 months pregnant and i have started seeing that my gums remain swollen and it pains too.. sometimes there is bleeding from my gums.. is this common during pregnancy or do i need to get it checked.
Druv, unfortunately we have no medical training on this website, but that sounds very unpleasent. I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor for any serious illness such as that which you describe.

As a guess, I don't think pregnancy generally changes the state of your gums, so it's probably unrelated, but that's only a guess. Go and see a doctor!
I agree with Mata.

I did read somewhere, can't link the article as I don't remember where, that gum disease is linked with premature babies.

Could also be a vitamin thing. Lack of something in your diet.

Go get it checked. Hope everything works out for you.
I'd reccomend brushing.

And I'd see a doctor if you're pregnant because your profile reads a man.
You know, Mike, I think Druv might be....exploiting us. For our rare and wonderful medical knowledge.

And do you know how I feel now, Druv? I feel used. Dirty and used. That's how you made me feel--like I should be ashamed of my brilliant diagnostic methods and soothing bedside manner.

Sir/ma'am, I have but one question to ask. I ask how, how could you go on treating a forum of brilliant medical minds like they're just some buddy who's got a...a phid. As though we didn't spend years and years in school for our knowledge, as though--


Ah well, time to be serious. I'd say to check other online resources (WebMD and Wikipedia might be of service) and if you can find some plausible connection, relax. If not, call your...pregnancy doctor? I've gone and forgotten the name. I imagine they might be a tad more helpful than I.
There is a problem here. Generosity of spirit versus cynicism. Personally I favour the idea that no-one could really be bothered to set up a scam impersonating a person in New Delhi, but frankly I'd be stupid if that hadn't occured to me. Here comes the important bit: I'm prepared to believe that Druv could be real, mainly because I think that the life of a person who cn be bothered to set up a fake email address and spoof an New Delhi IP must be so utterly devoid of interest that I'd rather not contemplate it.

Seriously, if this is a spoof, then why haven't these people got something better to do? I know it could be fake, and probability points towards it being fake, but I'd just rather not believe that people are so immensely bored with their own lives that they can be bothered to do it. Really, how dull must your life be that you get thrills from taunting an online community?
Atleast no ones figured out I'm from Antartica yet! biggrin.gif

On a more serious note. This is actually something you should see your dentist about. Pregnant weman often have dental problems. Both of my friends had like 5 or 6 cavities a pop because of the pregnancy. Inflamed gums can be because of irritation to the teeth.
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