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Full Version: effective anti malarial drugs
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my baby is down with malaria.. she is taking a prescribed drug by the doctor but he says it will take at least 7-8 days for the fever to subside. is there any effective drug which gives immediate relief.
As I said in your other thread, we have no medical training and Malaria is extremely uncommon in the west, where most people on these forums are from. I see from your account that you are posting from a New Delhi IP address and can only assume that the doctors there will have substantially more experience and knowledge about the treatment Malaria than anyone on these forums!
(is sort of wishing she hadn't posted in the other thread.)

Firstly I would suggest if this is true, having yourself (because pregnant women are very susceptible to malaria and have serious side effects), husband or other household members tested, and getting your new child vaccinated.
If I remember from our class on Plasmodium, the symptoms should subside very quickly after the parasite is killed. And pretty much all the drugs have the same effect and course. So unless your worried that this is a resistant strain, and have the money to buy more expensive drug treatment, you just have to wait it out.
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