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Full Version: erectile dysfunction
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my husband does not erection easily and he feels quite incapable nowadays.. is this a disease . why is he so embarassed about it. he seems to have an inferiority complex too. what should i do to enhance his mood and help him wth his problem.
You certainly have a lot of concerns don't you?

There are illnesses that can cause erectile problems, but often the source is psychological. You mention in another thread that you are pregnant, and the changing situation often effects the passions of one or both partners. Sometimes women say that they have difficulty feeling in the mood for sex during or after pregnancy, and the same processes can impact on the man too.

If pushed, the best advice I think would be to not pressure him about it. Putting more stress on the situation may only make it worse. Perhaps leave sex alone for a while and then try initiating sex in an unusual place or situation. Even if it's just in a different room of the house the change might help him get out of a pattern of stress that can cause erectile problems.

However... As with the other things that you've mentioned, we have no medical training on this site. The stuff I've said above is just general knowledge that I've picked up through years of being around sexual health advisors at university and afterwards. If in doubt, always go and see a doctor!

As a suggestion, perhaps you might like to tell us more about yourself, a post in the Introductions forum is always appreciated and helps us know more about where you are coming from.
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