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Full Version: Need to get over him
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There's this boy at school I realy like, his names George. Anyway we got on great, then for a bit we turned into a little more, or at least, that's how it seemed. But then he turned cold, and I got confused.

However through all this I was prepared to let it slide and let it go. Until I saw Her at the bus stop. Now HER was my best-friend, she knew all about me, she was like my sister, proof of this is in Mini_Silver_Storm_Dragon 's profile (my old name), she's the one I called my "twin" until that is she back stabbed me in the WORST way I could imagine.

Anyway so I saw her with two other girls I went to primary school with, unfortunately I had just spilt up from my friends and I was there alone. I texted the first person I thought of for support, George. Stupid idea as it turned out. Keep in mind that this was on the Saturday afternoon, I didn't get a reply from him at all. So by Sunday evening, I gave him plenty of time to reply. I texted him and told him I was done, if he couldn't even reply to one text. I mean, I NEVER ask for help, but the one time I did and he didn't reply! So I was done.

The next day I went back to school and was completely cool with him. I was for the next day as well, but as the week went on it became obvious that I couldn't get over him. However much I wanted to.

Then came the killer blow. He texted me and told me that he had never liked liked me, we had never been more than friends and that he faniced one of my friends, but couldn't tell me because he didn't want her to know yet. He hoped I'd understand.

This broke me. I resovled to get over him COMPLETELY. That was Monday. It's Wednesday and let's just say operation get over him hasn't quite worked, like crashed and burned. So, anyone got any point plans to help me get over him?
Ahhhhh.... poor you!

Ummm I suppose you could make him feel a bit bad about it... like ummm text him back saying that you never fancied him either...

1) Donít let it get to you
2) Find out who this friend is
3) Remember there are plenty more fish in the sea!
Sir Psycho Sexy
At the risk of sounding heartless, you are only a little'un. Getting into things like that so young are hardly bound for success, don't take it so hard. Getting over it will take way more than just 3 days anyway. Just try to forget about it, do things that you enjoy, have a good time, it'll ease, don't worry. Next time, be more careful who you invest your feelings in. wink.gif
Well, as has already been said, the best advice is to just get on with your life and do the stuff you enjoy doing. However, I might also add that it is very important not to bottle up emotions. It doesn't matter how you release them (within reason! don't go off yelling at people and stabbing someone in the forehead!), just release them. For instance, once when I was very sad, I spent an hour or two just crying and talking to a fictional character (Tohru Honda of the manga and anime Fruits Basket for anyone curious). Anyway, my point is, just go on with your life, take things slowly, at your own pace, benignly express your emotions, and always remember that there has always been, is, and will always be a lovable tomorrow. Soon enough, you'll get over him.

P.S. Don't worry, it's natural. Through personal experience, I can tell you that this tends to be a process of several months, not days.
It's too sad, but there isn't much you can do. Try to take sollace in the fact that this guy is really not worth the frustration. Once you feel secure in the fact that you've put the past behind you, seize the new day. Besides, if this George was so insencitive as to not even tell you in person that he wasn't interested then he probably wasn't good enough for you. That's the best advice I can give.
Ooo, I like you, you give sound advice. Oh and as an update, am over him, because he's a jerk as are most of the population at my school. Fantastic!
Sir Psycho Sexy
See? It does take more than three days, it takes 8 whole days! tongue.gif
Ah, but I hadn't updated the topic in a while and I was over him before that post. So Ha!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Under a week? Wish I could do that.
Fall for an arse, see him for his true colours, ditch him and run. See how quick you can do that.
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Oct 24 2005, 07:10 AM)
Under a week? Wish I could do that.

Likewise, dude.
Perhaps you were over him so quickly, becuase you never realy fell for this George fellow in the first place.
1.PLANT pantes UNDER HIS CAR SEAT or where ever but most importantly WHERE hIS GIRLFRIEND WILL FIND THEM THEN WAIT wink.gif
2. Make a presant for his girlfriend type a note but us a diffrent name on the note more than once soo she think he is cheating combine that with the first one you got a breakup.

yet if your not evil mad.gif ... whach downloaded movies all night or play paintball that works for me.
Well done for getting over him! There's nothing better than seeing a guy's true colours to help you get over him. Hypothetically speaking, say one were to go out with a guy and be dumped and to miss him horribly until one finds out that he's a pathological liar and one can't trust a single word he says. All this is purely hypothetical, of course - it's not like I actually dated my friend's brother and then found out all sorts of things he wasn't planning to tell me. Oh no. That would make me really bitter. But I'm not. Can't you tell?

Cough. But I digress. Basically, now that you know what he's really like, you can be glad you never went out with him in the first place! Bastard.
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