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Full Version: Yet another drop of rain amid the storm
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Ok, I made it, finaly. I know, I know, I'm late. I've been coming to Matazone for a few years now; hard to believe I didn't join the forums before now. So, a slightly delayed "Hello, everybody!" to you, good people of Matazone.

In short, I'm a young bard with a great deal of talent when it comes to following the rules. My greatest hobby is trading stories, so this should be a good place for me, right?
Right. I am a scholar above all else, mainly because I'm forced to be, and can think of no better way to spend an evening that contemplating something profound, inconsequential, or otherwise (see avatar for a realistic re-enactment). I try to be kind. Realy, I do! That's me; ol' Espynwislyn, or Espy for short. Welcoming comity, do your stuff!

Oh, and if anyone wants to adopt me or something, s'cool.
Thank you!
Welcome to Matazone! Here's the quick rule list, but I assume that you read the official ones and will follow them.
1) Be nice to people. Spamming and trolling are just pointless.
2) Don't be an idiot. Please.
3) Type in proper English with correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Or Mata will beat you with a rope made of gerbil fur.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Mine is: are those your real ears, elf ear rubber things, or clever Photoshop wizardry? They look cool. smile.gif Go forth and post. We promise to be nice, and the duct-tape crew should be along shortly to attach you to the ceiling.
Thank you, Astarael, it was photoshop. So, I'm unafraid to ask questions, so I will; how long am I required to stay taped to the ceiling? What's the current record? Do I get a trophy if I top the longest time statyed up there? I can see some of my peers up there already...
The rule appears to be that you're duct-taped to the ceiling and the tape breaks after five posts. I managed to aviod the tape by not starting an introduction thread. Maybe if you jump around a bit someone will tape you. smile.gif
Good work with the Photoshop, then. Elf ears are great.
Are the innocent times of being a guppy. I too was taped to the ceiling, it was most memorable, I recieved a new perspect on life. Welcome Espy, you will find many a nonsense here, so I hope you have a mind for sorting our gibberish. Past that welcome and good luck, your entering the lions den of randomosity and gobbledegook.
Oh good watering elderberries, IT'S A RED FLEECE!

*Ducks behind nearest hedge*
^ Precisely what I meant
Don't knock the Fleece. It's... red and stuff. True, it's not green, which is obviously a problem (and one I should have taken care of in photoshop.)

On an unrelated note; thank you good welcoming comity, for all your good welcoming (although I was never officially taped to the ceiling, not that
I'm complaining.) Also, anyone wants to\, um, as these cool kids these days say "adopt me." I swear I'm a good n00b, with prior experience as a minion of the forces of evil (and chaos.) Everyone says I'm good at menial and pointless tasks that amuse my evil employers. So I got that going for me...
Since no-one else has...

*tapes Esp to the ceiling*

Oh, and I will abbreviate your name constantly because I'm damned if I'm going to type that out! Random although the letters appear, I'm sure it reminds me of something (although it also sounds like a small town in Wales). Care to enlighten me?
Oh, it's grelvish for Magic Archer. Yes, that's nerdy, I know, but I still think that Es-pin-wiz-lin sounds pretty. And familiar. It must be some tragic mystery that will probably only be revealed two seconds too late.
Grelvish... is that short for grey elvish (ie. sindarin) or something entirely unrelated to lotr?

Either way: yes its nerdy, but damn it's cool
It still sounds like a Welsh town to me biggrin.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
Nonsense, Wales has perfectly sensible town names like Treforest, Radyr, Pontypridd and Caerdydd!

waits to see if anyone spots the obvious one ph34r.gif
My new step-cousin (aka The Brat) is from Wales and he was constantly informing me (as if I cared) about a welsh town with something like 86 words. Naturally I forget what it is because to remember I would have to pay The Brat any attention, and that aint going to happen any time soon. But does anyone know about this mysterious town?
Sir Psycho Sexy
I think you mean Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch.
Or 'Dave', as it's known to the locals.
Oh, yes, Grey Elvish. That's what I meant.

So, this seems like the perfect time to ask an obvious question, as is my prerogative as a n00b; how does one post links on these most esteemed forums?
Sir Psycho Sexy
Click the Insert Hyperlink button, first one on the second row, it says http://. You then write/paste the url in the box, click ok, then give it a label (which is what will show in the post instead of the url).

Sorta like this. smile.gif
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