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Full Version: Meerkats with spoons!
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the lil' pie fairy
So, hey guys, I'm back! biggrin.gif
For those that remember me I love pies and I make them with magic in so they're unrivalled by any mere pastry chef.
Seeing as I've just started uni, I have much more free time on my hands, and a laptop that runs on high-speed broadband 24/7, so y'all be seeing a lot of me y'hear?
Lol, well, that's me spent I'm afraid wink.gif
Mwa!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sir Psycho Sexy
Usurper MrTeapot
PIE! Yay!

Tis a day of much celebration!

And Meerkats? Even better!
I don't remember you 'cause I'm new-ish, but welcome back anyway! It's always interesting when an old member returns after a break, and there have been several lately. It adds some new spice and viewpoints from people who already love this place to the mix. smile.gif
*does the dance of yayage*

Yay hey- hey, Lill Pie Fairy! Wibbs, hun wink.gif
I remember you were around when I'd just joined, but I never really got to know you.

But hey, welcome back.
I have no idea who you are, I'm only a baby poster here but hi anyways!!
Hope uni is going well for you.
*busy sniffing pie* What? Oh. Um... Hello, there. I don't really know you, as I just joined. But er, uh... HI! *huggness*
I remember you! You had the explodingdog avatar (and loads of pie). Welcome back!
We've already said hello again off-forum, but as you know I'm really chuffed to see you back again. *hugs*
Yay, I remember you! Welcome back! smile.gif

What are you doing at uni? I'm at uni too, but living at home, so no fast internet for me sad.gif
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