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Full Version: hello every one
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seventh dwarf
Hello, how is every one? im new to this site and i wanna just make friends.
signed twitch
Hello, seventh dwarf, I think that you'll find that the people here are very friendly, and open to making new friends. Welcome to Matazone!
The Rules- useful help. Follow them or Mata will coat you with rubber cement and drop you into a bumper-car arena.
Anyway, welcome to Matazone! Just poke around a bit and people will be glad to answer any questions you may have or have a bit of a chat. Have fun and don't fear the insanity! smile.gif It's good for you.
Hi!!! Have fun!!!
'lo seventh. Welcome to the boards

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect Hungry.

Your name reminded me of that. Which earns you this warning: avoid duct tape whilst inside.
'Ello. Would you like me to delete the numeric username you created?
ee-wan bell-arm-ee
Is there any point in this pointless post?
This is the Introductions thread. Be nice to the new people. smile.gif
Hiya Seventh Dwarf

*duck tapes Seventh dwarf to the ceiling and runs off giggling*

Dont worry, you'll fall down after a while biggrin.gif
Looks like they haven't been active since the day they first joined and made this post. Wonder if they're ever coming back?
Yes, that was a bit rude, and you're not exactly established yourself.
I wasn't going to bring up the point about newbies instantly thinking they're cool and in authority when they don't even have twenty posts, but yeah.
Learn the purpose of each forum and each thread before you're dismissive in one.
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