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Full Version: HELLO!
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hi. i've secretly idolized this site for years and never bothered join the forum. so here i am!

i enjoy the night life, hair dye, piercings and sewing. as well as music, but only people who...die...don't listen to music. i suppose.

in any case, hello!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Hi, do you by chance have two friends called Snap and Pop?
Hi Crackle! How goes?

What about the monster mash. They're dead but still listen to music...

Anyways, Welcome to the forums of mataness! *covers crackle in sprangle* have fun, and whatever anyone says don't eat the green cookies...

I too would like to know if snap and pop are familiar to you....

Welcome to Matazone, you cereal conspiracy-deviser. tongue.gif Remember to follow the Rules or Mata will yank out your spinal cord and use it as a jolly clattering pulltoy. Have fun, embrace the insanity, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Go forth and post!
dear me, those two look mighty familiar e.o

teehee. i've been spangled.
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