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Full Version: Corset Piercing
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Now, call me old-fashioned, but I can't imagine any situation, ever in which I would let anyone near my breasts with a staple gun. Particularly not anyone drunk.

blink.gif There's people of all kinds, I guess.
*agrees with elphaba*
That sounds and looks extremely painful. If you're using a staple gun, the staples would shoot into the sensitive skin on yur breasts and probbly make you bleed like mad and get infected. It might look interesting for a while, but it would hurt too much to be worth the trouble.
Misty Rain
[quote=Rykan,Nov 18 2005, 09:09 PM]
Finally managed to unearth my Bizzare biggrin.gif
Here is the bint I mentioned;

That's brilliant!
And down the front.
I can do it myself now.

Misty Rain
I just found this picture on my harddrive, and thought I'd share it, what with it being on the same topic laugh.gif

(Wait, am I allowed to post this? I know you don't see any sensitive bits, but he's still nekid >.> )
I can't see the naughty bits, so I believe it's all right. Some of the picture links earlier in this thread are far worse. Anyway, the blue ribbon looks very nice. I'd seriously consider getting the piercings if they weren't painful, short-term, and prone to nasty infections. They're pretty. smile.gif
[font=Verdana][size=3]Alright...The famous Corset Piercing!! Many people think "how disgusting!!" Well I personally got this done twenty four rings in my sides. For the question "Omg didnt it hurt?!?" Well of course, now not extreme pain but there was some hurting, now if you go to a great piercer they will treat it and keep away from infection! I have absolutely NO problem with any sort of one! The only killer was that i have a two year old which requires carrying so yeah that hurt but if you want to see some pictures check out this link:
Ouch! That looks like it's going to be seriously hard to heal. Rings aren't very well suited to surface piercing. Look after that very carefully and try to not let your daughter pull on them!
{Gothic Angel}
Isn't that just 10 rings or have I missed something? I think it looks cool either way but then I have a piercing fetish tongue.gif

Also: You look rather fantastic for someone with a two year old biggrin.gif Bravo.
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