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Inspired by a game played on a radio show, I am starting this game. Whenever a town is on the news, or when you see them on election night, they always have banners with slogans on them. Generally they are quite bad, eg. the one for where I live "Stafford - prosperous, safe, healthy, clean and green". So lets make up some better ones, I'll start you off.

Newport Pagnell - We've got a New Port and a ... pagnell

York - they only named it once.... for a reason

Milton Keynes - never mistaken for New York

The only 'Grim' in Grimsby is the day that you leave!
Intercourse, Pennsylvania- where everyone can get together.
Yes, that's an actual town. There's another Intercourse in North Carolina that's just a few miles from a little town called Climax. Things like this are the best part of geography.
West Lindsey (the district where I live - this is its real slogan) The area north of Lincoln.

Everywhere around where I live has a sucky name. Grimsby, Tickhill, and Scunthorpe gets filtered for obscene language on most websites.

Anyway, to the game:

York - Err, our settlers managed to create New York! That's got to amount for something, right?

Birmingham - More suburb for your money!

Gainsborough - Now with 50% more hair salons!

Scunthorpe - If you like fag smoke, you'll love Scunthorpe!
Hunstanton - For all your useless need

King's Lynn - The sort of place you never go on purpose

Goldisthorpe - Misleadingly named (pronoucend ingalsthorpe)
Amarillo- "What's that awful smell?"
Usurper MrTeapot
Portsmouth - The place where old people go to die, then forget why the went there.
Stafford - Inhabited by the living dead since 1837

Scarborough - Harder to get to than Narnia
Lincolnshire - Cremnophobiac friendly for over a millenia
Ashtead - Not much ash, but not alot else either
Leatherhead - Officially the worst highstreet in britain
Terrington St Clements - Empty space in the middle of no where

Wisbeach - Home of the potatoe heads

Norwich - The only place in Norfolk that might have some signs of intelligence (Note the MIGHT)
QUOTE (MrRandomQuotes @ Nov 15 2005, 04:25 AM)
Leatherhead - Officially the worst highstreet in britain

Leatherhead is actually the only town I know locally that has a 'curl up and dye' hair salon

*laughs for a bit*
Leeds: Dont come away without commiting any dirty deeds
Croydon - meh...

Sligo - The Las Vegas of southern Ireland
Leeds: Dont come away without commiting any dirty deeds
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