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QUOTE (deadinaditch @ Feb 15 2006, 10:18 AM)
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QUOTE (deadinaditch @ Feb 12 2006, 11:38 PM)
i have a myspace and am addicted to it.

i disagree with its morals, though.

I've always been curious how something that is just a bunch of code and not a living thing could have morals. Perhaps that's just me.

"morals" was the wrong word.
it's like myspace has rules that if you don't follow, you're hated.
at least where i am.
ever noticed the people with matching names and the same poses in their pictures, the same banners of some band or homemade thing, making them a clique? it's the same problems most people encounter in real life only more easily and anonymously executed.

just look at Jeffree Star. or Glam Trash Face. They're only famous, only cool because of MySpace.

I realize that things can get cliquey no matter where you are. Hell there are different cliques here.

I never have observerd certain "rules" to be followed with my use of myspace. Perhaps it's because I'm older, or because I don't care if I follow certain rules or codes of conduct with my page on myspace. If people want to hate me there, then they can hate me that's just fine. I put up pictures of myself that I like, write about myself how I want, and only add people that I want to.

I have yet to have anyone be truly upset with me over the way my page is laid out. In fact myspace has been very nice in keeping me somewhat connected to some of the people here from the zone, to reconnecting me with old friends, to making my friendships at my college stronger or even making new ones.

Again this could just be me. *shrugs*
i find them too personal to bother with.
Personally the things that put me off myspace are:

1) Apparently _everyone_ is in my extended network. I don't even have an account. This annoys me because it either makes no sense or provides absolutely no information. Possibly both.
2) People who add 2000+ friends in some online popularity contest in which nobody actuallly knows anybody else despite being 'friends'. The point of a friends list is that it makes it easy to keep in touch with people you know, MySpace seems to completely defeat the purpose.
3) Epilepsy inducing backgrounds, animated backgrounds, music on people's pages.
4) Excessive 'internet disease' photos.
5) Where's the content? It's supposed to be a journal like thing, right? I can't say I've ever managed to find my way to any journal like stuff on it.

I'm well aware that lots of people's myspaces aren't like that but the other 99% seem to obscure the whole thing in a haze of neon pink flashing pointlessness.

Livejournal > MySpace

(That's saying something, I used to generally just be anti-blog, I actually like LJ now. MySpace is another matter entirely.)

*thumbs up Lo-wards* Myspace to me is annoying and it's an infestation around here. I can't really stand it, I think I created one for fun over summer and now it's just sitting. But I know people who use it successfully and it works for them, so hey, it just isn't my thing, I'll use LiveJournal and they can use Myspace or maybe both. I even check a couple people's myspaces for their blog entries.

I actually like LJ now.


(Ste used to really not like LJ so I am still having trouble believing he does now. ohmy.gif)
I hate that extended network thing. I have 57,522,394 in my network.. 57,523,630 of those are Tom's friends. dry.gif

I dont think myspace is supposed to be used for a journal.. all my emo-friends seem to do is post annoying quiz things and compete to see who can make their myspace the most unreadable.

I already have a blog and theres no one on there I talk to, so I'm not quite sure why I have one. unsure.gif I like that it has music, but is so much better and that has all of the good features of myspace anyway.
I just created a MySpace account.

Reason? It's easier for me to create a MySpace page, then get lot's of people I know to create a LiveJournal account. Also, the calendar feature for keeping track of when events are happening is quite nifty because of the sheer number of artists and such who have myspace accounts.
I was going to try my space. But the first website like that I joined was Nexopia because it had some of my oldertime friends on it. Then came all the "your hot" (I know I am; but I really don't need some old pervert or 13 your old telling me so). the dot dot dot love face smilie, my personal favorite "If someone paid you $1500 up front would you...", and last but not least the arrangement of periods @ and ect. to make roses or the like. Having to sift through that stuff to find my friends messages really put me off the whole thing. So I will probably never have a my space account.
Aislinn Faye
I like myspace, I found alot of people that I lost touch with.
I get the occasional person who has seen the pics but not read the profile message me wink.gif btw smile.gif
QUOTE (oobunnie @ Oct 16 2006, 11:25 AM) *
Having to sift through that stuff to find my friends messages really put me off the whole thing. So I will probably never have a my space account.

You can make your account private on MySpace, so only people you accept as friends can see your profile, message you, etc.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I have a myspace, although I'm not addicted. I joined as a matter of peer pressure: My best friend kept harrassing me about it and I gave in. The one good thing about it is I do get to keep in touch with my older friends...but I don't know. Something about it bothers me...especially when people pressure me to put them on my Top 8. Friendship shouldn't be measured by a website. blink.gif
I don't use MySpace, but I use Koolanoo ( which is kind of the same thing only for the Jewish community. Is anyone on there?
I got a Friend Request from my High School last night. Yes, the school itself. It's getting disturbing, folks.
QUOTE (IrishGuy @ Nov 27 2006, 04:52 PM) *
I got a Friend Request from my High School last night. Yes, the school itself. It's getting disturbing, folks.

I've seen a profile for my area's local mountain range. How odd is ithat? lol
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