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Full Version: Greetings!
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Greetings all!

Here's my - slightly late - introduction page, for all those who may be interested. Or just easily entertained. So, here goes:

Name: *mysterious tone* I go by many names... Li is one of them.
Age: 16 and two thirds
Location: Johannesburg
Favourite food: Corn thins with peanut butter, avocado, dark chocolate, sushi
Favourite colour: Black
Social stereotype: Gothy nerd/nerdy goth. Whatever.
Favourite bands: Nirvana, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Jimmy Eat World, Skillet, etc.
Hobbies: Wasting time on the internet, Mystical Hogwarts (check it out at, reading, being weird
Bad habits: Biting my nails, playing with sharp things
Other: Proud Christian and I do my best to live my life like a true Christ-follower. I like llamas. I'm not completely sane.

That has to be infinitely more than anyone wanted or needed to know! But if you have too much time on your hands I hope I helped while away a few minutes for you.

No one's so much as said hello yet!? Bah. *gives eighthweasley a nice piece of chocolate fudge and some milk*
Welcome to Matazone! You seem to have jumped straight into the forums, so I'm afraid it's too late for duct tape unless someone finds some of the extra-strength variety in a corner somewhere.
Here be the rules, your happy friends on your stroll through the odd land of Matazone. Follow them or Mata will cut off your toes and feed them to the piranhas.
Have fun, ask me any questions if you're confused (I'm too careless and easily distracted to formally adopt people), and mesh with the delightful pool of insanity!
*whispers ominously* You can never leave now.... *laughs like a maniac and runs off*
Did someone say extra strength?? I happen to have some in the wardrobe...
Mwahaha you'll be stuck on the ceiling yet eihthweasley!

And HI biggrin.gif
Er... Thanks! I'm used to forum-based role playing, and Mystical Hogwarts has an almost identical setup, so I hope I should be ok. But if I happen to breach any rules, feel free to poke me with spoons and let me know happy.gif
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