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Full Version: Getting in the mood for Christmas
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We put up our tree last weekend, and there are already presents underneath it.

Our house smells of mincemeat and there was a hot glass of mulled wine waiting for me when I got home today which was nice as it was bitterly cold this afternoon!

And I am listening to - their song "the way that you arrived" which is all pretty and Christmassy.

Awww... I like the run up to Christmas better than the day itself.
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 16 2005, 02:19 PM)
I think tonight Sues and I will put up our tiny Christmas tree. We wait until late in the month because it's her birthday on the 8th and so we don't want to overshadow that.

My dad's birthday is December 30th, so it tends to get lost in the insanity of Christmas and New Year's. Some of the more annoying relatives give him one present that's supposed to count for Christmas and his birthday, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't get separate presents for lots of other relatives. I gave him separate stuff and made his favorite brownies last year, which seemed to cheer him up a bit.
Our tree is up but not yet decorated. We've had a busy few weeks.
My father grew up in a place where it's acceptable to wander out in the woods with an axe and come back with a ten-foot tree, so he's continued in his private tradition in getting us the most unnecessarily large Christmas tree he can find. It's currently staying fresh against the side of our house (in fact, its crown is peeking in on me right now from the window above our computer), but sometime tonight we'll drag it in and all have a frenzy of decorating for about twenty minutes, and then I will be alone with three massive boxes of ornaments. I need to finish a skirt for a friend and a scarf for a cousin, and then wade into Border's to find good books for everyone else.

But it's starting to feel somewhat yule-ish around the house. There's a crate of clementines on the kitchen table (half of which will be dumped in our oversized stockings to make them appropriately lumpy) and decorative boxes have made their way onto every open space left.

I have discovered why everyone denounces me Scrooge! It's because my Christmas is going out to the garden, all shivering legs and too-big shoes, to see if we have mint, and getting a thwap across the legs from a wayward bush-- only to look up and notice this gorgeous sky and the last remnants of snowfall. It's quiet and unseasonal, but in my opinion a very nice Christmas feeling indeed.
*chuckles* I stay inside as much as possible during the winter, as I hate the cold. But I live in the South, so it's to be expected. The sky is really pretty at this time of year, though, so I can see why you would want to go look at it.
This is a Christmas of Firsts for me.

1) First Christmas with the most amazing bloke in the world- Smiler is coming down on Boxing day and I'm gonna be cou8nting the seconds until he gets here

2) First Christmas in my own flat. Although I'm going to my mum's on Christmas day I'm cooking for Matt and myself on the 27th and I intend to not burn the place down!!!

3) Cooking a roast dinner for me and Matt. Should be hilarious as

4) This is my kitten's first Christmas!!!

5) My middle sister won't be with us this Christmas as she got married in August and can't afford to fly down from Newcastle for two days which means there will be few if not no arguments this year.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. I always do. 2nd December I had my first Mince Pie - to me that is really late but everyone at work was like- It's only 2 days into december!!!!
Mince Pies, Festive incense, Christmas Cards etc all make me bouncy inside
I had my first mince pie two days ago. Mmmm. I still have a ton of shopping to get done and am absoloutly skint. My parents aren't too happy about my begging for money.
Sues now feels Christmasy because she's seen her first Deagostini magazine advert of the season biggrin.gif
Hehehe, Mata.

I got it. I decided I'd better get in the 'mood' so I started listening to some chrismasy songs, then my friend linked me to this radio show. I'm all in the mood for Christmas now.

Won't feel like celebrating at all till' I've got home at stupid o'clock tommorrow night and finally had my first beer of Xmas!

Goddamn retail!
I'll drink to that biggrin.gif
Well, tonight, my brother's coming back from North Carolina and soon my sisters will be arriving as well (my little one stayed at my older one's flat last night). VIolence and bloodshed may ensue, so just in case, I bid you guys farewell.

My mother is making cookies. We're getting close...
I'm trying to get out to get very very last minute pressies (I need another something for my mum and da') and then we'll start cooking, eat dinner and open pressies.... Its already noon, eep!
My church always has the nice Christmas Eve service in which the choir sings something impressive, the congregation sings a few carols, the preacher makes a brief sermon, we have communion, the choir sings something else impressive, the lights go out to make the handheld candles look prettier as they're all lit down the rows, and everyone sings "Silent Night" during the candle lighting to finish the service. I volunteered to sing with the choir this year, so I had a great view of the whole church gradually lighting up. It's very heartwarming and helps everyone feel less stressful about last-minute stuff. smile.gif
That sounds really nice smile.gif

In the end it was being with good friends that completed the Christmas feeling for me.
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