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Full Version: Pet death
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Little Green Goth
So, most of us have had it happen. A beloved pet dead. This morning I went through that very same thing. I woke up to find my cat, Azrael dead. He couldn't have been gone long for he didn't have the stiffs yet but it was still shocking to see it. I thought he was fine. I even sat there a moment hoping he wasn't dead, regardless of the fact that I knew he was. Maybe I was just letting it sink in because after about 4 minutes of staring at him, I burst in to tears.
Chris consoled me untill we took him to the vet to be creamated. When we found out that a serious flee infestation caused the death, he burst in to tears, saying he'd caused the death through selfishness. Well, ok, we had taken the cats to the vet and the vet had recomended to get some flea stuff but Chris said we couldn't afford it (even though he had money in his savings from a lawsuit).
So, now we morn for the lost pet. At least we still have Tigger. We'll probably get another cat soon since I don't want tigger to be alone. But untill then, it's going to be hard.

Bet he's looking down on us in The Great Cat Basket in the Sky, as we speak.

R.I.P Mr. Cat.

Death sucks, sorry to hear about your loss.
God, I'm sorry. My cat died when I was in middle school. He was eerily intelligent, mean to everyone but my dad and I, and he would sit on my bed and purr whenever I felt crappy or sick. He was great, and even though I have two new cats now, I still miss him. He died from eating antifreeze when he was only a few years old, and sometimes I just get flashbacks of all the crazy things he did.
Rest in peace, Azrael. Best of luck in the afterlife.
It's always painful to lose a beloved pet, but I hope that whatever new cat you get will be as loving and great for you as Azrael.
commiserations LGG, this is never a good thing to have happen, just think about the good times smile.gif
ee-wan bell-arm-ee
yea. I know how you feel, my cat died at the age of 16. This is very old for a cat, and she had been very ill, so it wasn't to bad for me. sad.gif
Lost a cat to double pneumonia, no idea how he got it, also two very much loved dogs to cancer, both dogs were 11 years old. All three i had to have put down, and take them to the vets. LGG i know it's hard to lose a loved one, and believe we all feel for you, but be glad, you did not have to decide if Tigger had to live, or die on the spot.

/Hugs and kisses
I am so very sorry for you, LGG. sad.gif *Hugs*

My cat Vigo died a few years ago, and when I think about it too much, I still cry. He died in front of me because I was too lazy to open my door to let him out. One second he's scratching the door and the next he's on his side. With 3 HUGE breaths (his entire stomach blew up) he stopped breathing. I don't know what killed him, but I think it had something to do with our other cat. We'd found her earlier that year trick or treating, a small kitten infested with everything you can imagine. After nursing her to health, she started fighting for attention, and the stress must've been too hard for him. Vigo was a very regal, noble and loyal cat, and none could replace him.

Not too long after he died, Spooky, the cat we found, brought home another kitten, and we adopted him as well to keep her company. We've still got both and we're very careful about their health.

I also watched my stepmother's cat, who I loved very dearly, be put down. I had to go into the waiting room while they cremated her because I couldn't take it -- I felt bad because all the dogs came up to me to see what was wrong and people were giving me funny looks >_> It's horrible when such good friends die.

Make sure, though, when you get another cat to get it from the pound so you can save a life at the same time. No other cat will be as loyal to you as one you save.
Sorry bout your kitty. *hugs*

I had a dog when I was a kid that I got for my birthday. We had her for a couple years, and then the neighbours killed her to (effectively) drive us out of town. I don't understand why someone would do something that sick.
I feel so very sorry for you. I know your pain. My first hamster died only a week before Christmas. I know it ain't much but I've been through a lot, losing two members of my family and copin' with depression. I am not bein' sarcastic.

I once had a cat. Her name was Bimbo. Bimbo was a stray and later had a litter of five kittens. They grew up and went to good homes. Bimbo is dead now, and I can barely remember her or my dead aunt because I've blocked most of my memories out, especially the bad ones. And those were early. My only grandfather also died but I hardly knew the guy. I self harm myself sometimes, just a few scratches and a bead of blood, but I feel better afterwards.

Anyway, I offer you my greatest regret for your loss and I will always be here for a shoulder to cry on, even if no-one cares for me, no-one ever does...
I don't think that your self-harm experiences really fit in with this thread. if you'd like to talk about your problems, then start a new thread and discuss things in detail so we can figure out the best way to help you and give advice. smile.gif
The Lorax
When my dog Amanda had to be put down, I got as far as the waiting room...for about ten minutes before I started crying so hard I had to go sit in the car.

It deffinately hurts, but eventually it lessens.

I'm sorry about your kitty
Im sorry to hear about Azrael hun, my cat Caspar had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago, i was in hospital when my partner had to call the vet out to do it, it hurts that I didnt say goodbye. But we knew he was ill so at least we kinda expected it. He'd been with me for 14 years and was my best friend. My other cats, Millie and Gizmo, havent been too affected as far as I can tell, but i'm grateful for that. I hope in time I'll stop calling him for food and expecting him to jump on me... :-)
QUOTE (saucy_tara @ Jan 1 2006, 08:09 PM)
i was in hospital when my partner had to call the vet out to do it, it hurts that I didnt say goodbye

Sorry to hear that Tara *hugs* It still hurts me that I didn't say goodbye to my dog when I was 15. My Mum took him to the vets and came back without him. GUTTED! That's almost 15 years ago sad.gif I even got upset when my goldfish (Wandsworth RIP) died. Seems silly but he had a character...he did...honest dry.gif
we had a cat called Jessica. i felt really guilty when she passed away at 14 because i never really spent any time with her.
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