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how long can we rhyme for ill start

I woke upon my friends floor
To find george bush as declared more war
This topic really belongs in the game forums and actually has already been made here.
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ Nov 21 2005, 04:43 PM)
This topic really belongs in the game forums and actually has already been made here.

That topic is just rhyming word and im doing rhyming cuplets and your getting on my nerves always analyzing me.
QUOTE (fan-diddly-astic! @ Nov 21 2005, 06:04 PM)
just rhyming word and im doing rhyming cuplets and your getting on my nerves always analyzing me.

Theres a rhyming couplets thread on there somewhere. PWM has a point... this thread does belong in games. You're new here, we get that, so no-ones blaming you for getting stuff wrong, but mike is just trying to help so please don't snap at him. Join us. Become one with the board. Give it a couple of months and you'll be correcting misguided newbies and wondering why they're not thanking you.

Also, it's "you're" not "your"
Well put.

Though, I always make typo's too.
I'm being amiable. Don't blame me for your own carelessness.
becides, you'll learn the way of the forums soon enough.
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ Nov 21 2005, 11:40 AM)
I'm being amiable.  Don't blame me for your own carelessness.

Honestly Mike though you are putting it nicely and not calling this person a twit directly I can see how it would get a bit annoying. This person is new, they don't know how we do things here this is true, but it appears like you have made a quest out of checking out every thread started, or every post made by this person and pointing out what they did wrong. Perhaps you could try something nicer like say if you see it happening repeatedly, send a nice PM explaining what it is that they are doing wrong and some suggestions on how to correct this, without sounding rude. A little nudge in the right direction is nice, but noob stalking to point out what they do wrong can get a bit annoying in itself.

Remember you yourself were new once as well, and if I remember correctly people didn't immediately jump on the PWM wagon and throw roses welcoming you to the forums either. I doubt they did that for anyone honestly, except maybe myself. Just kidding.
Forever Unknown
Hmm. Doesn't seem that way to me at all. Mike's said on some - and not all - threads 'Hey, look, this might be better here, but you might just want to go and play on this thread', which seems perfectly reasonable. I don't think he could actually be approaching this any nicer, could he?
Man. I've seen this argument about a bagillion times.

You're under no obligation to listen to me...cause...y'know...I'm not a mod and all.

But my point is: neither are you. So since you're so happy to correct the transgressions of others when you really don't have any authority to do so, I'm going to paste a link of my own. Mike should be well-aware of its existence...he did post several times in it, after all.

Vigilante Modding

I don't want to get caught up in a silly fight, but it does kind of seem like Mike could be phrasing these things nicer, or through a PM if he wants to help new people fit into the forums. His current method isn't exactly welcoming.

Again, that's just my opinion. Feel free to ignore me, you...I have no authority to be correcting people. I've just seen this happen quiiiite a few times in the past. It always ends in modslapping of the people who are seeking out noobs to correct so I thought I'd offer you the benefit of my experience. wink.gif
Meh, I dunno. We were all newbies at one point and needed help understanding how things worked, but I do see that lots of corrections could be a bit annoying. The problem is that we just have lots of confusing threads in the wrong forums if someone doesn't point out problems with thread placement. Mike may have been a bit annoying, but diddly was rude enough back.
I've just realized that most of the newbies have started more threads than I have, as I've only done two. Huh. huh.gif
*puts on mod hat*

I know as well as anyone that these forums have a fairly particular posting style, and one that may take time to get accustomed to. As mods, we're looking for methods to make the tranisition from normal-forum style to this one, but I still have great belief in an organic process of learning. By this I mean that people naturally learn what brings results and what does not. If a thread gets very few reactions then its style is subject to a Darwinian process of survival: it needs to adapt to become popular.

This does not necessarily mean that people should never try to guide, but they should also be careful of being too pushy. We all make mistakes sometimes even with good intentions, and trying to guide people too carefully can sometimes cause as many problems as it initially solves.

There was a nice metaphor in series one of the TV series 'Lost', where a man pointed to a moth struggling to escape from its cocoon. He explained that he could widen the hole gently and help the moth escape, but the moth then wouldn't be strong enough to survive alone. Sometimes it's best to let new members make a few mistakes by themselves in the hope that the varying responses to threads helps them learn what is a good way to start a conversation and what is not.

There is a role for guidance by forum members, but it is a very, very cautious one. As I've said before, especially in the vigilante modding thread that Cand has already linked to, if you think a person needs a push in the right direction then contact the mods and we'll try and help them out. That is one of the things that we're here for!
Forever Unknown
Yeah, I know. And I'm not trying all the 'vigilante modding' malarkey. Just thought Mike was being unfairly poked, y'know? I didn't see any malice in what he was suggesting, and I certainly don't think he's going out of his way to 'stalk' another member, so thought I should say.
Im sorry for snapping at you PWM and now realise that you was just helping me get the right idea. I don't realy have the hang on this but this is an amazingly laid out forum and i think mata as done a brilliant job in fact one of the best i have been on. Thanks everyone thats helping me biggrin.gif
What with the new system of sorting members into groups to decide where newbies can start threads, you should be able to learn how to start threads by the time you move to established. smile.gif Do stick around.
ee-wan bell-arm-ee
this hardly rymes!
where's the rhyming?
The rhyming has no timing.

If that makes any sense at all. (Meh, it rhymes!)
Soon the shoes will be shining

Elves, unlike dwarves, hate to go mining.
Elves find the darkness blinding
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