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Full Version: When I was a noob...
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I remember not-too-long after I joined being horribly made fun of and insulted by someone (name escapes me) for my anarchist beliefs and being called a neo-con waiting to happen. I was never offended more on this board and I probably won't ever be.

Jeez. I was still a noob when I met Trina (Spiffy) and when I'd militantly do IRC and Yahoo chat (before I had a life). And God, I remember when Cand and I argued and fought bitterly (glad that's over).

It's amazing to see how much has changed, like when TMI was a way of life around here...wait, still is. Nevermind.
I was an awful person when I joined and am thoroughly ashamed. I was so immature and failed to express myself in anyway reasonable. Urgh, I was just rubbish. I so hope I have changed now and I am sorry to everyone here too.

(Edit: I'm scared that this seems like I'm fishing for compliments or something. I'm not. I love myself how I am now, I am sehr self-loving and just don't like how I was then. Err, yes. I hope this is understandable.)

Edit numero dos: I still feel noobish though. I am scared a bit of most of the other people.
I was a nervous noob and suspect I still am. I recall that SPS was the first person to "talk" to me, and that I called him Sir Psycho. My first post was something stupid; the lyrics thread or some such. I'm glad that the people who made me like this forum in the first place still post.
I still feel noobish and didn't remember posting in this thread previously (though apparently I did) I remember my first thread being about eating shaving cream. I dont remember where my first post was, but I remember joining because I wanted to post. I also remember hearing Mata tell me to joing the forums but I didn't for a long time because there wasn't much going on. Now I regret that decision
I am a n00b, and i think i will forever think of myself as n00bish.

I called someone a n00b the other day so now the word is circulating itself around my friends biggrin.gif Hoorah!
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