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Full Version: Birthday thread 2006
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{Gothic Angel}
ohmy.gif so many birthdays!

Happy Birthday Lo and Kitteh biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
Gah! So many birthdays!!! Happy Birthday Lo!!!!
Hey, you're already legal in England. wink.gif

Happy Birthday Lo! *gives itzakadoozie*
Happy Birthday Lo!
Happy Birthday Lo!

Tracy Emin making sense to you yet?
Happy Birthday Lo and Kitty!

Lo gets an evil eye:

And Kitty gets a wide assortment of bras guaranteed to fit her at various points in her life so she never has to go bra shopping again tongue.gif
Lolo and Kitty, many happy returns to both of you! *hugs*
Thanks everyone. For my birthday I got a L.E.D. necklace, a box of chocolates, and something else I haven't gotten to unwrap yet. All celebrations have been put on hold though, because I also got cold.

And Witless, another year older and I still don't get her, of course it's only been like 3 days since we had this discussion. lol

Edit : The other package was a pack of 48 prisma color pens! I will be the envy of all the other design students!
Happy birthday LoLo and Kitty!
Thanks Cand for the bra's and the evil eye tongue.gif
And everyone else for the birthday wishes. I got to brag to people that you said funny things and "Happy Birthday"
Cath Sparrow
Aarrgh! Another one! You weren't there when I checked for Lo! Happy Birthday Kitty. *gives variety of corsets to suit all occassions, a mini top hat and a variety of farie wings* That should keep you going for a while biggrin.gif
I go away for 3 days and what happens? People have birthdays.

Happy Birthday to Aislinn, Kitty and Lolo
Aislinn, happy first birthday with your new baby!
Hehe, I love birthdays!
Happy birthday Aislinn!!
Cath Sparrow
Happy Birthday Aislinn. I hope your not to tired to enjoy it. biggrin.gif
Eeep! I missed so many of you...were you sneaking all these birthdays past me by chance in a group hoping I wouldn't notice?

Well to all of you


*distributes copious quantities of hugs and cake frosting*
Happy birthday, Aislinn! smile.gif
*passes over some nice cake for Aislinn and a pacifier made of frosting for the baby*
Happy birthday Aislinn!

(and a late one to Lolo and Kitty--whoops!)
Happy Birthday Mata
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy Birthday Mata!
Happy birthday, Mata! (even though it's still the 3rd where I am)
I would offer a randomly generated Gogle image, but, rather disturbingly, what's produced is, in contrast to last year's search, at least one actual picture. A slightly undressed one, at that.


Happy Birthday, Mata!
I know the one. That was from a party back when I was around 20-ish. I have no shame at all because I still think I look pretty good in it!

Cheers for the good wishes everyone.
Happy birthday Mata!!!
Happy Birthday Mata!

Many fun times with cake involved somehow.
Happy Birthday Mata!

As elph didn't give you an image, you get this one

Happy Birthday Mata!

Hope you have a good one smile.gif
Happy birthday, Mata!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Happy Birthday Mr Mata! 29 for the first time! wink.gif
Unless I'm reincarnated...

CM: Auto Mata are a band who do some sort of electonica. I really should track their stuff down some day.

Thanks everyone! *hugs all and offers virtual cake*
Happy bithday Mata smile.gif

*Checks to see if there's any cake left*
Happy birthday Mata!

Look it's bumpy. Oooooooooooh.
Happy hatching day, Mata!
May the frost never afflict your spuds.
May the outside leaves of your cabbage
always be free from worms.
May the crow never pick your haystack,
and may your donkey always be in foal.
Happy Birthday, sir.
Happy birthday, Mata
Happy birthday! I did a GIS on 'happy birthday mata' and this was the first picture.
{Gothic Angel}
Being as how no-one seems to have given him his own special brand of birthday greeting yet, Hippy Biddy Mata tongue.gif
Happy Birthday, Mata!

I did a Yahoo Image search and got a picture of a knitted bunny:
*does the Happy Birthday Mata dance like a crippled penguin*

I shall go eat a cupcake in your honor.
Happy Birthday, Mata! smile.gif
*passes Mata a shiny party hat and a gooey chocolate cake for when the other one is finished*
Happy Birthday Mata biggrin.gif
oh noes! I missed Mata's birthday!

Well, happy belated birthday, and may your zones all be Mata-ed!*

*it made sense in my head >.>
Yay for Mata!
Thanks again! biggrin.gif

I've had a lovely weekend, got some great presents, eaten cake, and drunk lots of beer. All-round it's been very enjoyable.
Cath Sparrow
Another late one Hoppy b'day Mata your catching me up tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
GAH! More Birthdays!!!! tongue.gif
Hope you have good ones FU and BIC
As is traditional 'Hippy biddy' to FU and BIC! 'Hope you're having fun!
Happy Birthday to FU and BIC
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Ha - only the third one down! What's worse, I haven't managed to get round to calling her yet... ohmy.gif


Sorry to anyone else who's birthday I missed - if I can practically miss my own sisters then you've got no chance. smile.gif
Happy birthday to FU and BIC!

FUBIC sounds like an educational children's toy. Like, "My Tim is dumb as a rock, but after using FUBIC, he's moved up to lichen!"

Just a thought.
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