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Full Version: Hi all
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Hi just thought l would introduce myself as lm a newbie here smile.gif
Looking foward to reading and posting biggrin.gif
Welcome to Matazone! smile.gif It's always nice to have another member.
*duct-tapes tigerlily to ceiling* Fear not, you'll fall down after a few more posts. Have fun, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you want help. See you around!
And I would suggest that you get used to the kind of post Astarael just made. Persons are odd here.
Sir Psycho Sexy
There used to be another member with tigerlily in her name, bout no! We have a shiney new member! From Lincolnshire no less! Welcome. smile.gif
Thanks for the welcome smile.gif
Just finding my round at the mo
Hi Tl, tell us a bit about yourself.
Yes, please do!

Do you like cookies? Have one, it's on the house!
Well my name is Mandy and lm from Linconshire,lm married with 3 kids and l work in a school for children with severe autism.l have a dog called Ebony.
l love anything paranormal but have had no experiences of the other side so far.
lm going to see Derek Acorah on either 1st or 2nd Feb as he is coming to my home town,cant wait for that only been to see 1 other meduim before and he was good!!
Oh yeah,one more thing lm allergic to cats biggrin.gif
Welcome to the forums! Paranormal stuff is cool. happy.gif What kind of dog is Ebony?
Ebony is a cross whippet with a collie,she is my baby l would post a piccy but havent quite worked it out yet?? sad.gif
Blimey... Another from Lincolnshire. Hi! smile.gif
I'll be interested to hear what Derek Acorah is like live. He's an interesting character. He does seem quite perceptive of things, but it's hard to know for sure whether he's just great at reading people and does that subconsciously or if he really does have some kind of psychic talent. I don't doubt that he believes he can do it all, I'm just a little bit more sceptical about whether he knows what he does. I'm happy to accept the possibility that it's true, but I've not seen enough evidence to convince me, nor do I think that such evidence can be produced. Still, it's interesting stuff!

I'm allergic to cats too smile.gif
Welcome! biggrin.gif

Cute Avi!
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