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Full Version: o.o I suppose an introduction is in order
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Hullo, I would be lady.

And since that would tell you basically nothing, i'll elaborate.
Laura [don't know her handle here] managed to drag me over here from The Sw16 forum by the scruff of my neck, promising that I'd be able to interact with people whose entire posts were not "omg lyk im fat sumbudy teel me im thin kay!?????????"

Lady is:
- Eighteen [barely]
- Rampantly sarcastic
- In favor with thumping people with bad arguments with a stick. Hard.
- Often mistaken for a fifteen-year-old [or younger] due to the fact that she looks like she should be entering high school
- Basically agnostic, but often refers to herself as nonpracticing [READ: Lazy] Pagan anyway
- An aspiring writer/poet, however her writing could use... erm... "work", to say the least
- For some reason talking about herself in the third person, even though that trait usually annoys her to no end

Feel free to badger me with questions about anything else you need [or want] to know about me.
Yay! You came! This is Laura (Ast for short on here,) in case it was impossible to guess. Welcome to Matazone, my very favorite forum.
*duct-tapes Lady to the ceiling* Don't worry, you'll fall down soon. tongue.gif
Welcome to the forum! You'll fit in just right here.

Come to IRC later for a very special welcome. (And ignore whatever Ast says about it. Lies and trickery.)
Sir Psycho Sexy
omg lyk im fat sumbudy teel me im thin kay!?????????

hahah, only kidding, I'm thin, sexy and have a big willy.

That's SPS. He's a bit of a tart.

'Lo, any friend of Asta's is a friend of these forums... Although we generally don't require that for entry.
Wait what, Lady joined? I must have missed that in my month-long absence.

*cough* Welcome, sis.
Aww, 'Matazone - bringing families together'. There's a subtitle I never thought I'd use...
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Jan 23 2006, 11:30 PM)
hahah, only kidding, I'm thin, sexy and have a big willy.


Welcome and don't mind 'im *nods towards SPS* He's a tongue.gif
Well, odd as he is, his willy is pretty freakin' huge.
Could we stop this line of discussion now please? This is supposed to be a fairly family friendly-ish forum, and the Introductions section really isn't the place for this sort of thing.
Sorry Mata *hangs head in shame*

HE started it *points at SPS and sulks*

*back on topic*

Welcome and don't be put off. We are lovely, family friendly people here biggrin.gif
yes, yes we are friendly...

*duct tapes ammisan to the ceiling* now for the in duct tape breifing...

*cough cough*

*clears throat*

Welcome to Matazone: The Wonderful Place of Oddities and Pecuilars! Now if you will just relax and take it all in the duct tape will eventually release (we hope) after you have reached a certain number of posts at which point you will be able to make new topics(in the important forums anyway)! Now please keep all hands, legs, and any other extremities that you want to keep, inside the ride at all times or the ride will come to an abrupt halt or you will be missing a body part or more... (we once had the one new person loose about all the bones in an arm and leg, it wasn't pretty but he turned out ok, or so we thought...) Thank you and please enjoy your stay at Matazone!
Yes i agree SPS is a strange.

Anyway welcome we really are a nice...goup...of...MAD PEOPLE *runs around crazy*not really
we are all nice people!!!! You will fit in




Welcome to Matazone!

*laughs as pretty much everybody she's welcomed are already running about on Matazone and have been for a while*

Have some chocolate.
*hands over the chocolate that she's supposed to avoid for Lent.*
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