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Full Version: Hi Everyone
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Uh well uhm! Hi.....

My name is Icey smile.gif I'm 21, I'm female and I'm from Wiltshire...

I stumbled across you accidently when I was searching for 'Dreads Wiltshire' in Google.... Random eh?

Not too sure what this forum is about, but hey ho!

Life is full of problems at the moment, so I guess that I could use a new forum to rant on laugh.gif
Welcome to Matazone

If you have any questions, querys or problems, just ask and anyone (pretty much) will be happy to help you.

The forums is based around the animations, games, web-art and other stuff on, all done by the artist Matazone Haggis, who celebrates his 29th birthday today. You'll see him around the place going by the name of Mata. If you haven't looked at them yet, I highly reccomend it.
Hehehe! I see now! This was the first search link that came up smile.gif

I'm addicted to the Giraffe game biggrin.gif
Everyone loves the Giraffe game
Yes, but I'm a giraffee obssesive, you haven't seen my bed! smile.gif
How do you know? ph34r.gif *

*This is a joke. I'm not actually stalking you
Well, you could have seen it wink.gif

Do you like my new sheets? They're rather funky smile.gif

Mmmm a stalker!
I think they're great, the colour really goes with the rest of the room.
Thanks! I thought so too, I must have good taste biggrin.gif
As always you showed impeccable taste and judgement.
It's like you know me.........

Are you my 'inner' self?
Yes, I am your inner self. And your conscience. Feel guilty.
I always feel guilty sad.gif

Sorry farther but I have sinned, I am a sinner. laugh.gif
Welcome to Matazone! smile.gif Feel free to poke me if you have questions about anything.
*duct-tapes Icey to the ceiling* Perhaps it's too late, but everyone needs some duct tape.
Mmmmm duct tape.....

Careful, I might get a fetish biggrin.gif
Just as long as the fetish doesn't also involve a cardboard tube and a hamster you should be fine.

As for Mata... Mata's just zis guy you know?

p.s. G'day. Watch the Mittens cartoons! They are ace.
I shall spend my week watching cartoons and playing games, it sounds like a perfect week!

What about some polystyrene and a rat? Hmmmm?
You could go that way but, as your inner self, I'd reccomemd a mouse rather than a rat.
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Icey @ Feb 4 2006, 07:10 PM)
Careful, I might get a fetish biggrin.gif

You say that like it's a bad thing! tongue.gif
Damned, I have a Rat sitting in the cage next to me aswell...

Sir Sexy, it's not a bad thing, but I'd need someone to enjoy it with wink.gif
18 posts in and she's already got involved with a discussion of using rodents for sexual purposes... Welcome to my forums! You'll fit in fine smile.gif
Yep. We're all a bit twisted. tongue.gif
I've heard the urban legend about the burning cardboard tube with the gerbil in it, but I've never heard a version that involves duct tape.
happy.gif Hey what can I say, I'm quick off the mark!

One day maybe we could tell you the urban legend about using rodents.....

Max the cat looks like Mittens
How strange. He actually does!

Would you mind if I added that to my blog?
Not at all smile.gif

Maxamillion rocks smile.gif
PS. Let me know if you want anymore oh and let me know when he becomes famous so I can show my mum!! laugh.gif

Oh oh and I just bought a mittens teeeeeee! wahoo
Welcome smile.gif
Um, sorry the welcome is so late.

Welcome to Matazone!

How went the driving test? Are you on the roadways now?
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