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Full Version: Hands off!
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im a member of the Workers international league witch is part of an international called the international marxist tendency we are currently involved with Hands Off Venezuela.

i am officialy done with the links. now im going to copy paste the basic intro because well... my freind dave wrote it, and itll explain better then me rambling on.

The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign was established in December 2002. At that time the Venezuelan reactionary opposition had launched another attempt to overthrow the government of Hugo Chávez and put an end to the Bolivarian revolution. A group of reactionary military officers had gathered in the Altamira Square, in the rich and middle class areas of the East of Caracas and made an appeal for "disobedience". At the same time, on December 3rd, the opposition had called for an "indefinite national strike". In fact this was nothing else but a bosses’ lock out . The highly paid managers and directors of the state owned company PDVSA simultaneously organised the sabotage of the industry with the aim of paralysing the country.

All this was accompanied by a campaign in the Venezuelan and international media of lies and misinformation. The idea was being broadcast that in Venezuela there was an authoritarian "regime" which had become increasingly unpopular and was being opposed by a general strike and a mass movement on the part of a “democratic” opposition.

For this reason, Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, made an appeal to defend the Bolivarian revolution, to oppose US intervention in Venezuela and to ensure that truthful information about what was really happening in Venezuela would reach the trade union and labour movement outside

The appeal was quickly picked up by Jeremy Dear and a number of other important trade union leaders in Britain. The campaign rapidly spread to other countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa . Now the campaign has supporters in more than 30 countries around the world.

We have tirelessly organised solidarity activities with Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution through public meetings, video screenings, raising the issue within the trade union movement in different countries, organising speaking tours, moving motions in Parliaments, and sending solidarity delegations to Venezuela.

The work of the Campaign has been recognised by president Chávez himself , and Hands Off Venezuela representatives featured prominently in the 2nd World Gathering in Solidarity with the Revolution in April 2004.

The basic principles of the Campaign are:

* solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
* opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela
* building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela

If you agree with these basic ideas get involved!
While I am rather sympathetic to Chavez and his little Bolivian Revolution (the coup against him and the one-sided media has been pretty disgusting. However as he tried a coup beforehand it's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black) he recently started spouting such rubbish that it shows him to be the nut that he is.

Demanding that that the UK hand the Falklands over to Argentina? Bah. He can sit on my finger and swivle and sweal like two pigs on a honeymoon.
Strange that you should bring that up. The Labour Club at Lancaster University is actually affiliated to the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, and some of the err... stronger advocates of class warfare were out in force on campus today publicising the campaign. We've got some speaker coming up from the campaign on wednesday.

I'm not very keen on Chavez. In fact, his style of 'diplomacy' appalls me. However, I'm behind the campaign's pledge to oppose 'imperialist' interventions in Venezuelan issues. The country's sovereignty needs to be respected by the rest of the world. The venezuelan people (although some of them might not be very fond of Chavez himself) are very much behind the 'revolution' and the country is prospering from the implementation of such schemes worker-state co-management. I'm not of the opinion that this would be a brilliant idea if rolled out across the UK, for example, but it seems to be doing the Venezuelan people a lot of good.

So yeah, I'm all for keeping the US out of Venezuelan affairs, but don't expect me to be preaching global revolution in the Bolivarian model any time soon.
heh, is The Labour Club at Lancaster University very large supporters of "the militiant" newspaper?

hov is a campian headed by the WIL (the us branch of IMT) a few other orginisations are involved such as camp.

note as a member of this coalitions we dont glorify chavez in any way the petiontion is purly to keep us military hands out of the ven rev.
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