Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign

once agin im going to copy paste the letter to this.

Dear Comrades!

As you must have heard that there has been a disastrous earthquake in the northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. According to the figures of the government of Pakistan more than 25,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands injured. The real totals will be far higher. Several towns, cities, and villages have been demolished. The government is unable and does not possess even the infrastructure to conduct rescue operations after this tragedy.

There were more than 350 comrades of the PTUDC and YFIS in the three main cities of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, namely Muzafferabad, Rawlakot and Bagh. These have been devastated. We do not yet know the full extent of the disaster. Mobile phones and landlines are disconnected. The only roads leading to these cities have been badly damaged and are now blocked after heavy landslides. There is no electricity and it is bitterly cold. There have been hailstorms for the last 20 hours, and the people have no shelter.

The PTUDC has sent five comrades from Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Kashmir for relief and support efforts. They will try to reach these towns by whatever mode of transport, including climbing the mountains by foot. We have set up two emergency centres to coordinate these efforts that will be functioning round the clock. Comrade Sajjad is in charge of the Islamabad/ Rawalpindi centre and comrade Hina will be coordinating the work at Lahore centre.

We are mobilizing a delegation of 5 members of Parliament and several trade union leaders to launch a countrywide campaign to help the victims of this disaster. This delegation will visit Kashmir at the earliest opportunity to take part personally in the relief efforts.

The PTUDC appeals to our brothers and sisters, the trade unionists, workers, and citizens of Britain, Europe and internationally to help us in our campaign. We shall be setting up a centre to coordinate the relief efforts in London.
An injury to one is injury to all!
We thank you for your support and solidarity.


i realise this is a bit late in coming, but i wanted to post it anyway because we still need all the support and solidarity we can get. the PTUDC is the Pakistan and Kashmir branch of the the international that the WIL is a part of (IMT). it was discovered that 5 of our commrades lost there lives in this disaster and we are really trying to find any support we can... thanks