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Staffordshire Police are piloting a new device that emits a highly annoying noise, only audible to teenagers and those in their early 20s, that is designed to clear groups of teenagers, and discourage them from going to, or congregating in certain areas, such as outside shops.

BBC Coverage
Staffordshire Police Coverage

This was the response of one teenager I know, when emailing the PM program to complain after they reported it.

I'm seventeen, and I live in Staffordshire. I'm doing A levels and I'm going to medical school next year. I never hang around outside shops, but I do occasionally wish to visit them in order to buy things. I see nothing wrong with this. Granted, there are people who do hang around causing trouble, but why should we all be treated like animals because of this? This device lowers teenagers to the status of dogs who can't be considered sentient and have to be annoyed away. I feel that this is truly, truly horrendous and I can't see how anyone can possibly even consider it. It's inhumane and ridiculous to do this to people just because of their age. I'm astonished that anybody can think that this is acceptable just because the police can't do their jobs properly.

This is treating young people, the majority of whom have done nothing wrong like animals, and it's ridiculous. Why should the rights of the majority be sacrificed because the proper authorities cannot deal with the few?

We are not animals. If we were provided with somewhere to go where we would not annoy anyone, there would no longer be a problem. Why can no one see this?

I am sickened and horrified that people can consider me an animal just because I'm seventeen. The whole idea of treating people like this, any people at all, disgusts me.

What do you guys think?
I think that it doesn't address the underlying issues of teenagers with (in some cases only) low moral and social standards, nothing to do in a society that tends to ignore their wishes and little or no understanding of their own social groups, structures and behaviour.
I also feel that the technology is flawed, Any under twenty that has been subjected to one too many concerts or played their I-pod too loud will be unafected by this device, Any pensioner that has taken good care of their hearing will suffer from it.
On a purely moral stand point I feel that this is a purely discriminatory device that infringes on the basic social freedoms of a very select section of society. whats next? stopping the blue rinse brigade from hanging at my local bingo hall and giving me disguted looks because I have long hair, a beard and piercings? (no seriously, please!)
Better funded community policing is the answer to the problem of antisocial behaviour in any group be it teens, drunken twenty to thrity somethings or cantakerous 60 somethings. and tackling the underlying causes will help to reduce further occurences.
From an auditory point of view Bryden is only sort of correct.

Noise induced hearing loss tends to effect the mid frequencies, typically between 3000 to 6000Hz, age induced hearing loss will effect hearing from about 4000Hz onwards and progress down the frequencies.

But his point that it won't effect only who they want it to is valid, some people have very good hearing even at 80+ years old, others will have a mild hearing loss, that may not be picked up, from birth.

Yeah so I think the idea is stupid - in principal great but in practice it's never going to work and I agree with the guy CM quoted, it's degrading.
This would make sense only if the techonology was meant for animals, the hearing frequencies worked as the lawmakers apparently think they would, or if all twenty-and-under people were horrible vandals. As none of the above items are true and the proposal is degrading, this really isn't a good idea. It will also chase off 12-22-year-olds who wish to buy something and happen to get close to the store when the device is on.
Never going to happen. Which party is going to introduce this and permanently alienate an entire generation of first-time voters? Not to mention later ones.
its not about a government buying and utilising them (although I understand that Local authorities are) this is more about the fact that private citizens can buy them, like shop keepers. the only thing that regulates their use at the moment would be the discretion of the end user and a selective selling process from the makers.
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