This is my first ever post, so excuse me if I come across as a bit vague and distant.

Sorry its a huge rant with spelling mistakes...

Currently I am not working due to being signed off sick, I have been signed off sick for 6 months and a few weeks, and it's not looking likely I'll be able to go back to work anytime soon. I suffer from Long term depression, which recently has spiralled out of control.

The last 6 months have been hell for me, I have been tried on different medications and I have been referred to a MIND councellor which in one way has helped but in another it hasn't, I only get 12 sessions with her, and I'm nearly at the end now, so what do I do when its over?
I then have had the worst news that my partner is leaving me, we've been together nearly two years and where extremely close, I didnt think anything could split us up, and I felt he was my best friend, but hes decided he can't cope with me anymore and that he's moving back home to his mums (Who is a depressant herself, even worse than me) which I dont understand. He says hes helping me, but I don't see how he is helping me as we moved into our own place in October last year, and now I'm stuck struggling to even feed myself.

I have applied for what I am entitled to, but it doesnt seem like alot, and to be honest I'm shit scared of whats happening and Im feeling physically sick due to it all, and have thought about doing stupid things. I'm not sure where the next meal is coming from and if I am able to pay anything. I can't even spare a few pounds to do anything with my friends to help take my mind off things.

I feel so deflated sad.gif