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ok so yeaterday was my fience ryans 21st birthday... and i had the wonderfull idea to throw him a surprise birthday party. the events go as follows.

first off i was late getting ryan to the house for the surprise so everyone was kinnda just mulling about randmly.
about 20 minets affter the failed surprise a select few peple (about half the damn party) you know the select few that were over 21 and from carlinvile... including my family. so they tropsed off to the bar leaving me at home with four guests at my house, and taking the birthday boy with them.
those of us left at the house and continue to party when ryan shows up. from what he tells me the people that took him to the bar fucking ditched him there and he had to walk home. 20 minets later his mother shows up being the little bitch she is and making little comments so we go to eat at the subway, which was cool.
after we finished with subway we went over to the george room which is a bar... and guess whos there... everyone who left the party so we just kinnda shruged and started to party agin.
after the bar closes we wonder back to my house where everyone but my cousin megan, me, dave, and ryan, walk straight into steves room where they promtly lock the door.
i go and tell them to come out and they yell at me because there having fun and ryan gets upset and steve and ryan face off in a screaming contest befor steve marches to hes fucking room and ran ends up going upstairs where he cried for a half hour.
we ended the night with me telling everyone to get the fuck out of my house.
That didn't go well. People really can be inconsiderate idiots sometimes, can't they?
Well, i can't blame you for being pissed off.
yeah so im now changing this thread to my official "im going to rant for a little bit" thread, no sure why but i can always change my mind later...

yeah so... my dad left for a week last week... march 3 to whatever the hell was saturday... and a few interesting things happened... one... i went to a bangin(heh) concert with my freind and my feince ryan... i skipped out on wil in favor of not barrowing money and cuddling with my ryan... and my house was fucking robbed.

list of what was taken:
all of the damn alcohol
all my smokes
a box my grandfather built me and laced with velvet
my perfume

were still trying to take note of everything to find out whats missing... currently i cant find:
my wallet, which thankfully only has my id in it and a few pctures which are easily replaced.
one of the swords from one of my sword sets are also missing and touigh the room has been searched i still hope to find it.

also my and ryan had a fight a bit ago because all his drinks are gone and i bought myslef some barcardi and budwiser... and im having fun wondering around matazone.
OMFG that's got to be a bad,the people that we're at the party that ditched him in the bar were ignorant assholes.
Poor you!!! sad.gif
It's times like this that you have to hope that karma works, so the theives are going to get what's coming to them, and you are getting something superb stacked up for you in the future.


In the meantime, start checking on eBay for your sword. More than one theif has been caught that way.
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 19 2006, 09:38 AM)
In the meantime, start checking on eBay for your sword. More than one theif has been caught that way.

Too true, some guy I'm working with found his digital camera that got stolen on eBay (he recognised a scratch on it).
thats a very good idea... and one that i havent thought of *blinks*

we found the box at the local pawn shop and so it is now safely returned to me.
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