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Full Version: friend annoying me
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I am in a group of 6 friends, 1 of them is very competetive, lies, cheats, hates 2 of us, and tries to alienate them from the rest. We all hate him, what should we do?
Sacrifice him to The Dark Lord?
nothing, eventually he will bring things to a head at which point the rest of the group will see that he is a nob and he will alienate himself, this is the way it works. You could be more proactive in removing him from the group but in my experience this will allow the "bad" friend to manipulate the situation.

just my 2 cents worth, take it or leave it smile.gif
Part of me wants to agree with Bryden. The other more conforntational part of me wants to say that the next time he does something to hurt someone tell him that you don't like his attitude etc. Someone like this really needs yo be made aware of their behaviour otherwise they will never change and end up with no friends. I have a colleague at work who alienates everyone they meet. There is only one person at work who they have been blatantly obvious about their feelings about and that is me. My colleague dislikes me in more ways thancan be civilily said but with everyone else they will be nice to their faces and then slag them off behind their backs. Or be so rude that you want to slap them from here to Kingdom come. I feel that we would all be better off if we just told our colleague exactly why we dislike her but then again I also think that it is too late for her to change her behaviour plus I'm a wimp. The girl doesn't like me and makes no secret of it why should I bother? Your friend really needs to be told that his behaviour is upsetting people before he really screws things up or gets into a circle of behaviour that he can't break
I agree with ryn here. Try explaining the problem with his attitude without losing your temper. Just stay calm and don't let him use your emotions against you. If he tries getting confrontational, ignore him and let him make an utter fool of himself in front of the whole group.
If you all hate him then is it possible for the complete group to make their feelings a perfect world this would be done in a nonconfrontational way that would leave the unwonted person clear about how people felt but not hurt or reality that in my personal experience almost never happens.....

It may get to the stage where you leave it as long as you possibly can and then some one snaps and blows up and problem goes away

but no easy answers...

although my evil clone has done special jobs for mata and the problem dissapers....
hmmmm, this is beginning to get confusing, yesterday i saw a good side to him. not sure if this will be shortlived or not.
Kill hium anyway, it's probably a tuirck.
If there's a girl innthe group then the answer is simple: Burn her and then become best friends with the really annoying person.

Although religeous sacrifice is lways fun, but so messy.
Eek @ all the killing and burning going on!

Its simple, if you all 'hate' (what a strong word) him, then you should just be upfront.
He's a good friend now.
Sacrifice him now then. He's less likely to expect it now you're friends again.
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