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come on people sign my guestbook and show me that you love me. lol
Ooh I like it! Pretty good :DDD
QUOTE (elf @ May 21 2003, 02:30 PM)
Ooh I like it! Pretty good :DDD

Thanks......for lack of room for cool stuff to give my site extra bells and whistles I just made it all around basic.
**chants** sign my guestbook sign my guestbook! lol
I don't know if people even read these, and I said I would stop updating, but I missed a couple of days so I'm adding this one journal entry.
I read 'em. :P
Sun Tsu
I love the avs. They're works of art. smile.gif

Right they are.
I'm glad that people do read them. It is mainly for me to either get things off my chest or to just put in my days events. People might think I'm psycho if they read them, but I kind of like that people get to read them lol. I'm glad people like my artwork too. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the piece I was commisioned to do. I can't believe I'm actually going to get paid for a piece of my work!
That's exactly why my weblog is friends only. If you people read it, I'd be the psycho one.
Two new pictures have been added to my digiart section, if anyone wants to see......they are ang, and bruang.
Nice site. My friends and I have a site at the URL
For your daily requirement of cynical humor.
Ah, the Internet, that vast wasteland designed to make our lives increasingly crappy so that we want to slowly stab our eyes out with a spork and/or plastic chopstick found at your local oriental restaurant, assuming you have one. (
smack on the head for you from an anonymous person, commander. :P watch out.
I'm soooo bored, no one's on the forums at the moment, and I have nothing to do. So I go to check up on Lolo's website. But instead of getting more additions, it's disappearing piece by piece. *pouts* Now what am I supposed to do with myself for the next 16 hours? sad.gif
I take it your talking about the rants, and my journal.

I took the links off last night to the rants because someone I worked with yesterday asked for my website, and I didn't want her knowing me that well yet..........don't worry they're still there just not linked on the main page.

The journal has gone missing because I stopped writing in it and my mom found out about my site. I can't write as freely in my journal knowing that family will be reading it so I took it off.

I'll put the rants back up later, but unfortuantly the journlas not coming back.
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