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Full Version: Corruption in the US government
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....So lately more and more I feel like George Bush and his administration have been waging a genocide on their people (and others as well). OK, that is an exagerated and hyperbolic statement.... but seriously, look at september 11th. 3000 people died that day...and we were warned that it could have happened. I know that there must be 95379 terror threats a month on any given country, but this was just the first in a sequence of events. Next we entered a war, which the majority of americans (and not to mention the rest of the world) did not support; although american support went up once we actually entered it. Since this war began, there have been 30,000 iraqis killed, not to mention over 2000 american soldiers. Fast forward now to Hurricane Katrina. The latest news which is all over the media is that President Bush (if you can even call him a president) was informed (and caught on tape hearing) that he should be worrying about the possibility of the levies in New Orleans breaking..... and then a few days later, 1400 preventable deaths later, publicly announced that 'no one could have imagined that the levies would breach.' Not to mention his total lack of action reguarding illegal immigration and the US borders. And trying to sell US port control to Dubai? What is this administration thinking??
to quote lou dobbs of CNN:
"Let's examine this thing about democracy because we all, I think, nearly all of us, believe what were taught in the fifth, sixth grade, that this is a democracy. That our votes count. That the will of the people is what drives this government. But when you look at illegal immigration, when you look at border security, when you look the at the Dubai ports deal, when you look at national security interests, this government is effectively telling the American people to go to hell. Right, John?"
-Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight (March 6, 2006)

Bush's levels of support are now below 40% of his own people! Many who voted for him say that if they had it to do over again, they would have voted differently. Few conservative republicans are still behind him. Many senators from both parties are taking a stand against this ports deal. Yet he just keeps pushing for it.

The country is in a huge amount of debt which my generation will be paying off for years. All due to the corruption and white-collar crimes of our own government. I think we can all agree that it is the government's role to protect its people. not to exploit them.

so please, share you reactions, opinions, opposing arguments.... etc
i want to know what matazone has to say on this issue.

[i used wikipedia as a source to make sure all of my #s and facts were accurate, so if any of you feel like telling me they are wrong...]
Yes, Bush has screwed up on many issues. Yes, there are people who are exploiting the government for their own gains. But in no way is Bush and the Republicans at fault for all of the problems, no matter what the media tells you.

Bush became president in 2001. The 9/11 attacks happened fairly early in his term. Guess who was in charge of national security for eight years before that? Who was the man who didn't pay attention to the warning signs of a major threat brewing in the Middle East?
Bill Clinton

In hurricane Katrina, the feds were not prepared for the devastation. But who else did not heed to the warnings? Who else was responsible for warning the people?
The local and state governments.

Put simply, there are too many of those who making life less secure in the U.S, republican and democrat alike. And something seriously needs to be done about it. But putting all the blame on President Bush is just silly.
While I agree that neither Bush nor anyone else in the presidential office probably could have prevented the Sept 11th attacks or would have done anything about the levies in New Orleans, my issue with Bush is the way that he has responded to these events.

A good leader tries to ensure a safe, stable, and profitable situation for his people. The leader of the US also has a wider responsibility as the leader of the most active superpower in the world (the other being China) to set the tone of responsible caretaking for other countries. Bush's response to all major situations has made his own people less safe (from terrorism and from being spied on by their own government), his country is politically and ideologically divided (Republicans versus Democrats, Christians versus everyone else, Muslims versus everyone else, the rich taking the poor roughly from behind...), and he has accrued massive debts in doing all this.

As a superpower he has wielded his influence with an absolute disregard for the well-being of the planet and the future of all people living on it, including the American public by:

undermining global political stability

achieving his few victories through the use of force and threats

putting the pursuit of dwindling oil supplies above the need to develop alternative sources of energy

not agreeing to any international environmental agreement that threatens his own power and American consumption desires (Kyoto is the most significant example here)

abandoning his own poor when they are in the most need

pursuing an aggressive and ideological stance on cultural issues

putting religion as a keystone of his approach government

putting issues of ideological disagreement into black and white terms (you're with us or against us).

I have only been watching politics fairly closely for the last ten years, but, to my knowledge of historical examples, I have never known of a leader to be so utterly inadequate in every aspect of his decision making.

Bush's reign of power is not defined by the things that happen to him, because terrorist attacks and hurricanes will most likely happen regardless of who is in control, but by the decisions that he has made in response to them. In that respect Bush's performance is completely contemptible.

(Wikipedia isn't a wholly trustworthy source of information because anyone can change it to reflect their own political stance, but the figures quoted seem accurate enough to me. I thought I'd mention this for future reference.)
Don't take the republicans attacking him too seriously. He cannot be re-elected no matter what, so it is in the party's best interest to make it all seem like it is his fault - then the party isn't held responsible, only a single individual. This will allow a different republican to be elected, and the republican party to escape eight years of scandal unscathed.
QUOTE (pgrmdave @ Mar 8 2006, 08:54 PM)
Don't take the republicans attacking him too seriously.  He cannot be re-elected no matter what

As much as I think it sensible that there's a limit on Presidential terms, this does highlight the more than slight problem with the whole thing which is that, as far as Bush is concerned, he can push things right up to the point of impeachment and it won't make a gnat's testicle of difference, because he can't get back in anyway. So it's entirely in his best interests to make things as good as possible for big businesses regardless of what it does to the poor of the country because, in 3 years time, he won't be in a shack slaving day and night to put food on the table, he'll be on the boards of those very big companies he's helping out as we speak.
There's good reason to limit the President to two terms. Yes, it does cause some problems, including the fact that he no longer has to look to his constituents. But, there are conterbalances to that (Congress and the Supreme Court). It's more likely to create a lame duck presidency, in which none of the President's policies are realized due to a potentially hostile congress and unsympathetic public. It's difficult to look good in the public eye for eight years. Historically, second terms have been troublesome for Presidents, I can't think of many that weren't. Most notable in the modern era have been- Nixon, Hoover, and Clinton.
And let's not forget the standing down of Tom 'The Hammer' Delay. Bush's "close personal friend" (his words, not mine).

Gotta love his K Street Project
I agree with pgrmdave. The Republicans are fleeing the sinking ship like the rats they are...oh, sorry! No offense to the beautiful ratus ratus, which is a splendid animal that many Bush administration Republicans can only dream of emulating.
See, I'm a registered Republican, and I never wanted him elected. Yes, Clinton was in charge for eight years prior, but who was in charge before that? Bush Senior and before that, Reagan. Iran-Contra, anyone? Gulf War I with a side of chips? Besides, the Clinton administration had approved funding for the levees, which spent on his little war and Republican pork projects, like the 'adopt-an-embryo' program -take the leftover embryos of couples already struggling with fertility problems and pay upwards of $60,000 to implant them despite the only 0.2% chance of viability, or as I call it, the Stem Cell Argument Program.
I don't just want Bush impeached. I want him tried for crimes against humanity with the possibility of the death penalty as high as it is for ...wait for it...Texans! He fried more people than any other governor...but can he take what he dishes out?
Admission and pay-per-view of the trial alone should make back some of his tax cuts for the rich.
Beyond his total disregard for the environment and our pathetic excuse for an economy, my major beef with Bush is that he's undermining democracy and the fundamentals that this country was based on. Somehow, he's managing to screw us royally, without feeling the consequences, without the approval of his people or even, now, his senate. I talk with people all the time about their opinions on Bush, and they all basically say the same thing, "Yeah, everything sucks and we're digging a crater of a hole for ourselves, but what are you gonna do? He's president."

For some reason, everyone's forgotten or been tricked into thinking that we can't do anything about a sh**ty president. Either that, or people are too scared to raise a hand and say, "Um, excuse me, I don't want to pay for this war, and I want to breathe clean air, and I want other countries to like us, and I want to be taken care of when I'm old, and I want our ports to be-our-own, and I want a leader to take care of his people when they're in need, and I want my brother/father/uncle/sister/cousin to just come home, and I want..." etc. WHY?! We can do something! We are a democracy! Our voices matter, especially now, when we have enough power behind us so that we couldn't possibly be ignored. But, and this scares me to death, people don't think they can, or won't, or don't know how. I mean, not nearly enough people even v-o-t-e for Christ's sake.

Sure Bush blows and the state of things is nothing short of disastrous, but the people of the United States are also to blame, even if they're only ignorant to their own power.
The US economy is actually doing pretty well. Sure it has a massive debt, but all countries do. The cutting of tax to the wealthy and corporations has actually boosted the GDP of the nation remarkably well, enough to pay for the cuts and more.

Of course it's completely trusting to luck that this trend will continue, and the Bush administration has managed to extend the cuts for another two years.

It *is* rather counter-intuitive to cut taxes while burdened with such debts, and I worry for the long term sanity of it. But so far the gamble seems to have paid off. Of course it means that the poorer parts of the nation are shouldering the weight of the nations problems... which isn't exactly fair as they were not the ones who caused them in the first place.

On another note, It's rather depressing to note that the people who are benifiting most from the war (Haliburton and all their subsideries, etc.) get further bonuses in the form of tax cuts to pay off the war. War is not just diplomacy by other means, it really is business by other means too.

Meh x 10.
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