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Full Version: They Hunger!
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Recently came across this article during my journies across the web.

SLeeping pill that causes midnight feasts

Basically people who take this pill are sleepwalking in the middle of the night, going to their kitchen, and consuming fantastic amounts of food. They don't realise what's happening the next morning. This part was priceless:

One woman in the Minneapolis area whom Schenck treated, Judie Evans, said she began taking Ambien while recovering from back surgery. At the time, she was in a full body cast and needed assistance to get out of bed.

During this time, Evans, who is 59 and lives alone, began to notice food was missing from her refrigerator. She accused two nursing aides caring for her of stealing food. It was not until her son came to spend several nights that Evans said she realized that despite the body cast, she was getting up to eat while she was asleep.

"During the day, I couldn't even make it to the bathroom by myself," Evans said.

The first night her son was there, he found her standing in the kitchen, body cast and all, frying bacon and eggs while sleeping.


Frying bacon and eggs while sleep walking? I wonder how they tasted...

Does anyone know of other crazy things people do while sleep walking? I have a friend who can hold perfectly coherant conversations while asleep and I used to sleep walk all the time... but nothing quite like this!
My sister used to sleepwalk.

We had these weird towel racks in the bathroom of the house we lived in when she was about 4 or 5. They were never actually used for towels. It was just kind of a weird feature that the house had (it was rather old, and also had really high ceilings - this will be important). The towel racks were behind the bathtub, and kind of went in a ladder progression all the way up to the ceiling.

Anyway, one evening my mom and dad were sitting in the living room watching TV, when sister goes running past them at full speed. Mom followed her into the bathroom, thinking she was getting sick or something. Not so. Sister had climbed to the very top towel rack (in the dark) and was hanging from it and smiling down at Mom.

That's the worst one she ever did, I think. Although coincidentally she apparently has started sleep walking again (she's 21 now). This is ungood considering she now has a car. She never hurt herself when she was younger, though. Although one time she did roll off of the top bunk bed, land on the dresser, and then keep rolling down onto the floor. We shared a room at the time, and she was still sound asleep when I went over to see if she was okay. When I shook her, she just got up and climbed back into bed. blink.gif

I saw something or other about this guy who supposedly murdered his in-laws in his sleep. I can't remember the exact details, though. Might've been his wife, hmm. Or it might've been an urban legend. I can't be bothered to check at the moment.
I have slept walked twice.. it later turned out that the person I was living with at the time had spiked my drinks with ecstasy, to try and get me to loosen up. I didn't do anything the first time I was sleep walking, but the second time, I made a complete mess in the kitchen.

Needless to say I wasn't living with that 'friend' for long after that.
I believe there was an article in the Times Magazine about two years ago in which some woman described her sleepwalking--apparently she wound up eating beef bouillon cubes, walking down two flights of stairs and sleeping with her apt. complex-sharing ex-boyfriend. I wish I had such an amusingly active sleep life: the worst I've done is a load of laundry, and even for that I was partly awake.

I think I'll hunt down that article now..
According to friends from camp, I talk a bit sometimes. Once I apparently went rummaging through the laundry closet in search of my elusive favorite socks. Mom came by and sent me back to bed. Other than babbling weird phrases when something suddenly changes but doesn't quite wake me up, that's about it.
I apparently told off a boyfriend in my sleep. We'd argued the night before and I relived the argument in my dream. Woke up to see him leaning over me saying "so, I'm a right barsteward am I?". laugh.gif

A good friend of mine went through a sleepwalking patch where he'd clean, talk, dance and sometimes drive. Driving only occured if he fell asleep at the wheel while driving. His wife could tell he was sleep-driving as his speed would slow right down. She'd then get him to pull over, stop the vehicle and swap her places. He's still a little worried that it may've occured when she wasn't with him.
I occationally sleepwalk. I wake up in the morning after having gone to bed to find i'm in the bath or the floor or the sofa. Once i tried to go to the park too. Occationally if someone tris to wake me up I'll sit up, grunt at them until they go and lie down again. But I've never seen that happen.

One of my best mates can hold totally cohernt conversations whilst asleep. He didnt believe us until we recorded him.
Museum Girl
QUOTE (candice @ Mar 16 2006, 03:53 AM)
I saw something or other about this guy who supposedly murdered his in-laws in his sleep.  I can't remember the exact details, though.  Might've been his wife, hmm.  Or it might've been an urban legend.  I can't be bothered to check at the moment.

It was his wife, I saw it on a documentary.

My friend talks in her sleep, often she recites muppet treasure island and once at a sleepover she shouted something incoherent and rolled across the entire living room floor, hit a wall and continued to sleep.

I once fell asleep in the middle of a conversation but continued talking although from that point on it was all nonsense.
That stuff is just creepy. I mean, something has to be up with sleeping pills and the like. Most people who take them, however, don't need them so that could be a factor. But those occurrences are fairly rare. I just knock back Nyquil when I can't sleep. Hehe.
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