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OK for those of you who don't know me that well I'll start at the beginning:

I have been suffering from what are called focal migraines since I was 8 years old. That works out at about 17 years. What this means is that every so often (it can be once a month or more or sometimes less- They have no obvious pattern) I have a splodge almost in fron of one of my eyes that I can't see around it. Couple this with the added bonus of losing all feeling/ swelling up of one side of my body, full scale nausia and stomach pyrotechnics and the loss of some cognitive funtioning and speech knowledge and you're getting the idea. Add the final two bonusses of a crippling headache that will last for several days and get worse everytime I bend down to pick something up and the fact that this process could be repeated several times in a week once it has started and you're experiencing one of my migraines.
No medication seems to work. There is no obvious link between my migraines. They were originally diagnosed as "stress" migraines but this no longer seems to be the case as I have not been stressed out in a long while and yet I had one today (try waking up and getting out of bed only to have your foot crumple up underneath you because it hasn't registered that you have put it on the floor). Every time I have a migraine I end up having to stay off work for anything up to three days and I hate not being there. I feel so guilty about being sick.

I have been to the doctors. Repeatedly. They prescribe another drug. I take it for a while and it works. Then it stops working. I have taken every type of drug that you take when you have a migraine plus several preventatives to no avail. They just stop working after a while. I have never been tested for allergies, had any sort of cat scan or other investigative measures taken. I have been to a neurologist who saw me for 15 minutes then told me "take nurofen" . Needless to say I'm getting sick of being told stuff that doesn't apply to me or "try this for a few weeks and see if it works" No one ever gives me a straight answer.

So here is my question: does anyone have any advice on medication/ dealing with annoying doctors who don't want to spend anytime with my problem. I'm at my wits end
DON'T feel guilty for being off sick, you can't help that you are unwell.

Have you got a second opinion?

*Big Hugs*

I went thru the guilty thing when I first got signed off.
How ever much I loathe to talk about the B******, my dad used to (he might still do- I just haven't spoken/ seen him in 5 years) make these little boxes which used crystals to sort out your electromagnetic field. It all sounds like a load of nonsense, but he originaly invented them when he suffered from migranes and symptoms such as yours. As I was only little when he first made them, I can't really explain how they work, but I remember something to do with crystals and electromagnetic fields.

All I am trying to say is, that perhaps you should go to a homeopathic doctor? My dad was also prescribed with lots of different things that would never work, and so he made this thing.

Have you ever thought about anything else, like Reikki (spelling?) for example?

These may or may not help- it probably depends alot on your outlook on homeopathic and alternative treatments, but by the sounds of it you seem as though you have tried most other things.
Hope this can help in some way.
Next time you wind up in the Doctor's office take a list of all the medications you have allready tried. The pharmacy can print them out (with the dates they dispensed it to you) for you. The reason (I think and I'm no expert) they keep suggesting new stuff is that not all meds work the same for all people.
It's the same with antidepressant stuff. Zoloft may work really well for one person and not do a thing for the next person who tries it. Different brain chemistry.
I'm sorry to hear that the way you're wired causes such occasional misery. Feel better soon.
Maybe having a cat scan or MRI could help determine how your brain functions. I don't know how that function could be changed to prevent the brain storms though.
/idle thoughts.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
My partner used to suffer from 'migraines with an aura' (means they came with a warning apparently) that would have him bed ridden. The house had to be silent and no light whatsoever. He'd vomit, in some cases be completey incohearant and didn't even recognise me. There was one incident where I had to take him to the hospital because he was saying he was cold but was totally burning up. He also had the numbness.

His doctor put him on a drug called Zomig. It wasn't terribly helpful. It would weaken the impact of the headaches but he still needed a darkened room and such. More often or not he'd vomit them up. He started using Nurofen and that sorted it.

This may or may not be pertenant - but they have reduced in frequency and severity since he had his eyes tested and starting wearing glasses. He started having them quite regularly recently - low and behold he went to see the optician, got a new prescription for his glasses and it's stopped again. *shrug*
You should consider having some brain scans (MRI, CAT, etc) done to see if there's something going on up there. I take imitrex injections for my cluster headaches and migraines. It works. It took awhile to find the right method with that stuff because the tablets never worked but the injections worked... and fast. As opposed to downing half a bottle of Advil and being stuck in bed or having some fun seizure in the shower, the day usually went on in about an hour (after the panic of an injection).
The Chief
I to sufferer from migraines and they are real bad the pain killers have side affects. The doctors are stuck they just don't know what else they can do, well I just have to live with it for now. sad.gif
Faerieyn, you do a good job of describing the migraines that I also suffer from, although yours sound a little more severe than my own.

When I am about to have a migraine, the first thing I notice is a small spot on my vision that goes blurry - like a tiny piece of white noise. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, this will take over most of my sight. Soon, this is coupled with a fairly normal headache which then snowballs into the feeling of a spike being jabbed through one of my eyes and into the back of my head. This then leads to feeling horribly sick, although I have yet to actually vomit.

The very first time I had a migraine, I also lost my speech and was unable to write coherently too (I was at school at the time). I was also walking out in front of vehicles, my life being saved by friends who thought I had been drugged and was tripping out, and were trying desperately to get me home. This has never happened since... thank goodness, because it was horrible.

Until recently, a migraine would knock me out for a good three days. The first, I would just go straight to a darkened bedroom and try to go to sleep. I would then wake up with the spike-like headache and sickness, struggle to get back to sleep, but eventually drift off again. The next two days include a general sense of grogginess, vision that isn't quite perfect, and a murmuring headache.

The last two times, I have immediately taken pain killers and then gone to bed. This has managed to reduce the longer-term effects of it all, meaning i can usually get on with things the next day, rather than just sleeping all the time.

My dad has been prescribed tablets for his migraines (my inheritance!?), which he finds work very well. I have taken one of these before, and they did nothing for me.

Apparently, migraines are one of those things that are very particular to individuals. My singing teacher keeps telling me to visit the alternative therapy shop and ask for advice there, because there are several things I can try.

The only cause of my migraines that I have ever found, is diet. The majority of my attacks come when I have eaten and drunk total crap all day (for example, my last one came when I was decorating with a friend of mine, and we just drank coke and ate biscuits all day). I am desperately trying to cut such rubbish out of my diet, and I feel it will help, but i haven't managed it quite yet.
{Gothic Angel}
The spots in front of the vision are what Snuggs calls auras, also characterised by lights flickering in the corners of vision, seeing "spiders" (flashes of light/movement which don't actually exist) and other pyrotechnics which come before or during a migraine. I used to get them too when I got migraines, they were a pain in the backside cos they used to turn up any time up to about a day before I got the actual migraine.

I'm not a doctor, so I can't really suggest anything in terms of medication (though a list of what you tried already might be useful for anyone who does know anything about that smile.gif ), but I do deal with doctors, nurses and pharmacists in my job, so I can sympathise with the feeling that they don't care. The best advice I can give on that count is to just bear in mind that they do get an awful lot of hypochondriacs who see them continuously for stupid reasons, attention seekers who just want someone to talk to, and idiots who think they know best - and also that they often do try to minimise problems purely because they don't want to panic people. Some of them are jerks, but mostly, they're only human, and they do an incredibly difficult job. If you keep that in your mind, it becomes easier to keep calm and not be frustrated by the seeming lack of care.

Once you get past that, it becomes much easier to deal with them and get what you feel you need out of them. It's important not to allow them to dismiss a problem you feel really worried by, or let them cut you off without full posession of the facts. If it helps, take a clear, ordered list of bullet-pointed notes with you about your concerns, what you've already tried, even all stuff they should have heard already or should be able to get off the system. This curries favour because it makes their job of writing/checking up and comparing to your medical record and assessing the symptoms much easier as well as saving you have to say it all out, and potentially forget something. If you're polite but firm when you explain your concerns and frustrations, they generally are as helpful as they can be - they wouldn't be doing the job, for the most part, if they didn't really care about people smile.gif

I don't really know how helpful that is, but have some cuddles as well so this post can't be a total loss either way tongue.gif *cuddles*
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