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Full Version: not new... just haven't been around
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Whee, I'm back. Lots of drama. Lots of crap happened. Just gave up on a lot for awhile. But, I'm back now, yes? Yes.
Usurper MrTeapot
Oh no, the worlds coming to an end.
Hey, welcome back Ziv. This is great, two of my noobs come back within a week or so of each other. I'm not a failure at noobing after all.
Cath Sparrow
Little Bear be nice! We all ready scared her off once by meeting her bin R/L no need to do it again on the forum.

Welcome back.
*still doesn't understand why so many fast food places are needed in such a small area*
I never knew you, but welcome back! I'll see you around.
I remember you! You live in Florida and travel a lot. Welcome back.
Welcome back! I don't think that I knew you before, but any reason to celebrate is reason enough for me. *throws confetti* happy.gif
Welcome back Ziv. Nice to see you here again. I'm sorry to hear that things in the interim period weren't so good.

[I've deleted Little Bear's drunken post. He was given a day-ban to sleep it off - Mata]
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