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Full Version: Pet Therapy
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I would like to get a cat, as I believe in 'Pet Therapy' and that it can help in difficult situations.

However I am trying to write a letter to my landlord requesting permission, and need some 'medical' evidence that it actually helps people with Depression and Mental Health Issues. Does anyone have any reconisable links and information? It would be greatly appreciated.
Have written the letter, going to keep my toes and fingers crossed now.
I might be too late, but there definitely are studies in which the stroking of an animal (a cat, for example) produces a relaxing effect. Unfortunately, I don't have the names of any to hand, but I assure you they do exist.
I found some interesting news storys on BBC website, so I have including a specific quote saying that mammals are good for someone with mental health isssues.

Thanks for your help tho Bear, it's much appreciated smile.gif

*Fingers crossed*
*crosses fingers for you* Yeah, I know my dogs are very comforting when I'm upset. When I was in the hospital we even had a cute little doggy visit us as part of their pet therapy routine. I know it helped me!
Some news for you all!

Seems that my landlord has taken my points into consideration and has agreed, I'm just awaiting confirmation in writing! smile.gif

Oh and 'Opel' my kitten was born yesterday biggrin.gif
Has Opel taken up residence with you? How's that going? Does the little fuzzy one have the very kittenish tendency to stick his/her nose in your ear and purr in the middle of the night?

I miss Dante cat.

So...cute kitten stories?
Congrats! Opal is a pretty name too. Can you take some pictures and post them up? also maybe posting the letter can help people in a similar situation!
Awww kittens are the cutest things ever! My cat had kittens last year but sadly we gave them all away sad.gif

Do you have any pictures of opal? (which is a really purty name by the way)

Miaow =^.^=
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