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Full Version: Does Any1 Else Find The Animations Strangely Real?
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simply,I'm a spastic
Hello all!I'm dead chuffed that Mata has introduced a forum,so well done old girl!As u might of guessd o'm from Merry 'ol England,what what what?lol nah i hate thse posh snobs.
So anyways,who else finds the animations strangely realistic?i mean,i used to see samauri bunnies run around at night,but mine were blue bunnies.(I never have been a great fan of pink wink.gif )one more thing,the Little Goth girl remnds me of the annoying lady on the Scottish Widow advert-its the cloak that does it.I'm guessing i've made u gus sit there thinking,oooookkkkk WEIRDO but i'm just having a mad moment-must be the pants english weather eh?so ta ta everyone,luv Cez xxxxxxxx tongue.gif
I've seen cannible sex kitties before.
uh... i've never seen the daughter of statan, a cannibal sex kitty, a samuri stuffed rabbit, or mr. sb (but that's only because he's god).... maybe i'm not looking hard enough dry.gif
My hamburger talked to me the other day. My first thought was "Wow, it's Mr. Snaffleburger!" but then I realized that he's a glove puppet. So I ate the talking burger. My friends think I should lay off the drugs, but I think that the food service here on campus should kill their cows before serving them.

(this is a totally fictional story made up for my own amusement. if you don't think it's funny, please try reading it upside down. if that doesn't work, you ought to just smack yourself for bothering the upside-down method the first time.)
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