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yo just making the introduction

helloo everybody im brandon m im from houston texas, and i hope this this forum is as good as the cartoons..thanx for you time,

this is,
Welcome, ye.

The forums are in fact better than the animations. This is due mainly to the fact that the animations rarely, if ever, feature duct tape and only occaisionally feature clearly defined ceilings while the forums (particularly the Introductions forum) actually have both in abundance.

Anyone want to do the honours?

*duct tapes B.wicked to the ceiling*

now to induct you to the forums...

That duct tape that you are stuck to the ceiling with is special... it will only break or be able to be cut when you reach about 10 or so posts... so whence you reach that numebr then you can go and post freely in the forums... and dont forget to watch the movie "Posting and You" you'll find it in the forums... somewhere... now please keep your arm, legs, and any other body parts you dont want to loose inside the ride at all times and you will have a safe and fun time until the end of the ride... Thank you and have a nice day! *click*
Welcome to Matazone! It's always nice to have new blood, whether or not we decide to drink it. ph34r.gif
my bloods gross too much syrup.
The forums are also rather more active than my animations at the moment because animating takes forever and I have slightly less time than a low-flying bug on a motorway.
^ Are you still going to work on the LGG series?
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