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After reading through Rykan's 'Giving Blood' thread, I was just wondering how many people are organ doners or are considering being doners?

It's something I've often considered but not actually got round to looking in to yet...
I've got a funky little Organ Doner card. You can pick them up from any doctor's surgery. And probably other places.


I've thought about it, but I would so hate to make the little wormsies go hungry.

I'm tempted to make a 'living will' soon though, to let people know what to do with me if I slip into an irreverseable coma/die/etc. I might as well give my bits away, hopefully someone will give them a more caring home than I have.
NHS organ transplant website

My boots advantage card tells people that I want to donate my organs.
I know it's incredibly selfish, but there's something about the thought of being chopped up once I'm dead that really gives me the willies...
I kind of know how you feel. I'm happy to let doctors take any of my organs and stick them into other people, but I really don't want med students poking round me, seeing how I fit together.
In the US, they ask you when you get a driver's license (or state ID card, in my case) if you want to be an organ donor. If you do, under "restrictions" on your ID it will say "D," and on the back of the card it will say "Upon my death, I wish to be an anatomical donor." The DMV has a really bad reputation, but it's really quite handy because you can get an organ donor card, your ID, and register to vote all at once (if you want to, that is).

So, I've had a thing saying I want to be an organ donor since I was about 15 (when I got my learner's permit...though I never did get the full license). My dad is against it, for some reason. I guess the idea of being cut up when he dies kind of creeps him out a bit. I've no problems with it, though. I've even thought about donating my body to a medical school, but I dunno about that. Hmm.
They can all of me, and the rest can go to science. All I want to go in the ground when I die, is a tree and a small bit of rock saying my name, birthdate and a small part of The Lorax by Dr Seuss.
I'm an organ donor. Honestly, I don't care what happens to my organs when I'm beyond reaching. I want the good stuff given away to people who can use them, then I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered any places I hadn't managed to travel to before I bit it.
Now I am a bit young to be deciding but I would like to donate everything it is possible to donate now and what will be possible in the future.
they can have whatever they want and whatever is still useful, which I fear discounts my liver. although I get a bit squeemish about my eyes. but they can have them if they want. and as for burial I'd like to go the viking way, Sent out on a boat (without my still alive wife!) and fiery arrows sent out to torch my remains!

"Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters, and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo they do call me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla. Where the brave, may live forever" the 13th warrior
Forever Unknown
QUOTE (snoo @ Apr 9 2006, 02:14 PM)
My boots advantage card tells people that I want to donate my organs.

Ditto. It's not like I'm going to need them when I'm done, after all. So long as they bear in mind that my liver and lungs will be beyond repair, they're welcome to anything else.
I don't have a donor card yet, but my family knows that I want to donate my organs when I die. It's not as though I'll need them anymore, after all, and it doesn't really gross me out that much. They can bury whatever's left in a biodegradable coffin under some nice trees and put up a rock with my name, the dates, and whatever nice quote I happen to like best when I die. My eyes are pathetic, but the rest of me ought to be useful.
They ask here, in Florida, if you want to donate your organs or if you want to donate your body for scientific study... you don't have to do either, obviously. Mine is going to be dissected by some poor poor med student probably. I'm in for the scientific study.
Usurper MrTeapot
Y'know. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here.

I'm really not sure about my organs. One part of me thinks "Yeah great, everyone should donate to help people." But then theres the other part of me that thinks "Hmm, anything but my organs.".

I don't like the future, thinking about it or deciding what I want to do. I am going to remain undecided with this untill as late as possible, or untill I'm mature enough to handle death and the future.

Untill then I am not going to become an organ donor.
I would rather have people dissect my body than transplant my organs. It's entirely selfish, and I don't know why, but I wouldn't donate my organs. I feel to attached to them (harhar... christ, I hate puns) and giving them to someone else just kinda freaks me out.

I've donated my hair to cancer patients, my clothes, old toys, books and food to poor people, and I've done a considerable lot for different charities, from Maryland to f'ing Africa. I've planted trees and picked up trash, saved animals, and I care for my environment.


Just don't take my organs.

EDIT: Oh, and beyond that, I can't consider that many of my organs would be worth taking. My lungs and heart aren't doin' so hot, and lord only knows the condition of the rest.
The Chief
I been carrying an organ donor card for years after all my organs will not be much use to me when I die. Hope they help some else and good luck to them.
I'm not listed as an organ donor. I know that may be kind of selfish, I mean, what am I going to do with them after I kick the bucket?, but there's something about the idea of staying whole after you die. After this body has run it's time through this life, it's time for it to be set to rest. My body isn't like a car or a machine whose parts should be recycled and reused and redistributed until there's nothing salvagable left. I personally don't feel comfortable giving permission to be portioned off and given to other people after I have moved on. My body shall remain as whole as circumstances allow (ie, if I die by a ginormous explosion and my legs and intestines are gone, then I can't really help that.) My opinions may change before I actually do kick it, but as it stands now, I am not an organ donor.
My parents have basically said that I can make the decision once I'm a legal adult. Honestly, I don't know that I want to wait til I'm dead to be an organ donor. I have two kidneys and I'm sure there are people who could use one of them.

In response to the people who think the idea is creepy: I've always thought it was a rather cool idea; that part of you would keep living after you were gone. Maybe that's just me, though.
State sponsored compulsory organ donation ftw!

China 'selling prisoners' organs'

Top British transplant surgeons have accused China of harvesting the organs of thousands of executed prisoners every year to sell for transplants.
In a statement, the British Transplantation Society condemned the practice as unacceptable and a breach of human rights.

The move comes less than a week after Chinese officials publicly denied the practice took place.

In March, China said it would ban the sale of human organs from July.


The British Transplantation Society says an accumulating weight of evidence suggests the organs of thousands of executed prisoners in China are being removed for transplants without consent.

Professor Stephen Wigmore, who chairs the society's ethics committee, told the BBC that the speed of matching donors and patients, sometimes as little as a week, implied prisoners were being selected before execution.

Chinese officials deny the allegations.

Just last week a Chinese health official said publicly that organs from executed prisoners were sometimes used, but only with prior permission and in a very few cases.

But widespread allegations have persisted for several years - including from international human rights groups.

Transplant tourism

Professor Wigmore said: "The weight of evidence has accumulated to a point over the last few months where it's really incontrovertible in our opinion.

"We feel that it's the right time to take a stance against this practice."

The emergence of transplant tourism has made the sale of health organs even more lucrative.

Patients increasingly come from Western countries, including the UK, as well as Japan and South Korea.

Professor Wigmore described this as quite widespread and growing. He and his colleagues, he said, had all seen cases of British patients who had considered going to China for transplants. He really hoped, he added, that people would think very hard about whether they should.

Secrecy surrounding executions in China has always made it difficult to gather facts.

The Chinese authorities recently announced steps to tighten regulations. From July, selling organs will be illegal and all donors must give written permission.

But the practice is lucrative and critics say much will depend on how well those rules are implemented.

Discuss in less than two thousand words. Bonus marks will be awarded for vomiting in disgust.
QUOTE (Calantyr @ Apr 20 2006, 11:34 AM) *

I always thought it was a good idea to take organs from executed prisoners, and if they just admitted it and did everything above board then I wouldn't see a problem with it.

That said, it would of course be wrong to take organs from anyone who didn't want it, but I would have thoguht assumed consent is better than assumed non-consent.
Organ donation should be standard practise, with an opt-out option if you so desire.

It is the best way, to be honest.
QUOTE (Felander @ Apr 20 2006, 02:52 PM) *
Organ donation should be standard practise, with an opt-out option if you so desire.

It is the best way, to be honest.

I agree, but these people didn't have that choice. I don't agree with forcefully harvesting the organs from convicts for the same reason I don't support giving their bodies to necrophiliacs. Even in death people should be shown some respect.

Edit: Unless, y'know, that's what they would have wanted. biggrin.gif
My grandfather died the summer before I was born. He was an artist, and two people who had been previously blind were able to see because he filled out a donor card. My mom used to tell me the story when I was little, how the weather the next few days after they lost Grandpa was so beautiful and so varied, with rain, shine, rainbows and beautiful sunsets...because the first things these people got to see were through the eyes of an artist.
It was always a great comfort to Mom and Grandma and my aunts and uncles, knowing that part of Grandpa had helped others and was, in a little way, living on. When I was four or so I misspelled 'Orgun Doener' on the bottom of my foot in Sharpie marker, and when I was 18 or so I had it added to my ID card...spelled right, of course.
'Cause hey...maybe the week after I die there'll be really nice newspaper articles and bestsellers coming out. It's not like I'll need 'em across the river. I'll get a new body on my next incarnation anyway. Maybe with special features this time, and a better powertrain.
I need to apply for them of them there cards so I can be an organ donor. I give blood because I'm not dead yet and I want to help laugh.gif

But I think yes, it should be take organs from everyone unelss they say they don't want it; it IS much better all round, c'mon.
{Gothic Angel}
My boots advantage card tells people that I want to donate my organs.

...I find those ones funny >.> The red and blue clashes with the pink.

Meh... I keep thinking about it, but then I'm not sure. Basically, I don't know what I want done with my body after I die. If, for example, I decide I want to be made into a living diamond or whatever, I'd obviously rather have all my organs as part of it, but on the other hand, I do like the idea of saving someon else's life, through research or through donation.

The other issue is the same reason the most common method of premeditated suicide and murder amongst women is poison - I don't want to be cut up. I know its pathetic and selfish, but to be honest, I want to be remembered as being at least a little attractive, and that means no scalpel holes.
QUOTE ({Gothic Angel} @ May 7 2006, 04:52 AM) *
I don't want to be cut up. I know its pathetic and selfish, but to be honest, I want to be remembered as being at least a little attractive, and that means no scalpel holes.

Huh? How would that help anyone remember you as attractive, other than the undertaker? Everyone who knew you would have pictures and memories. Why would it matter what the person preparing you for burial or whatever else you chose thought? "Oh, no, I don't want to save lives. I want to make one last good impression." blink.gif

I also don't understand why you'd want all of your organs to be part of a living diamond. I guess I always thought the idea of me helping someone else to live or to see was far more meaningful than my corpse remaining intact. *shrug*
{Gothic Angel}
Well, if, for example, I decide I want an open-coffin funeral, or a wake, so people can have closure. I'd like to look peaceful then. And if I want to be cremated I was under the impression they did that immediately after the funeral.

Living diamond - For the same reason I wouldn't just have one leg made into a diamond. I want it to represent, and be all of me. Sorry, that's just my personal preference, there's no particular reason beyond that.

And I agree helping other people is important. If you re-read my post, I thought I'd given that impression. I do spend a fair amount of my life trying to make other people's lives better, so please don't think I'm not thinking it through with respect to other people as well.

In any case, this is pure speculation, because, as I mentioned, I don't know what I want to be done with my body after I die. I'm 18, I hope to live a good long while yet and have some time to think about something which is a big deal properly.
I didn't think you weren't thinking about helping other people as well. I know you better than that. tongue.gif I was just saying I think the symbolism of a living diamond would be just as meaningful, even if it didn't include your organs because they were being given to other people.

I've been to a lot of funerals, and I have to say I prefer closed casket. It makes me feel worse to see the person's lifeless body there...but maybe that's just me. I don't like funerals as a rule, though. I always feel even more sad after going to them. It's easier to say goodbye in my own way. So maybe I'm not the best person to judge the closed casket/open casket thing.
QUOTE (candice @ May 7 2006, 06:31 PM) *
I guess I always thought the idea of me helping someone else to live or to see was far more meaningful than my corpse remaining intact. *shrug*

See, that all works for me in theory and I realise it's an incredibly selfish thing to think, but the thought of being cut up and distributed sort of freaks me out a little bit. I don't think it's the thought of bits of me being in the living, it's more the actual 'being-cut-into-bits-when-I'm-dead' thing that I'm shaky on. (although the thought of being cut up alive doesn't do that much for me either)

There's also the fact that I'm religous and I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. In retrospect, I see how my death could endlessly benefit others and improve someone's quality of life, but is that really the the plan god has for me when I kick the proverbial bucket?
I think that, and then I can't stop thinking how awful it would be if someone I loved was on dialasis or some such other pain and desperatly needed a transplate...would my religion still be a factor then?

{Gothic Angel}
I've been to a fair few funerals... I dunno, I just prefer to see them at peace. It's upsetting either way, but if I've seen them that way, peaceful, and definately gone, I don't get the "maybe they'll come back someday" self-deluding thing. I don't deal with death and loss well at all, if I care about the person I tend to get trapped in a fantasy world where they might be coming back, and every time I snap out of it I feel terrible all over again. In that respect, it just works better for me to be able to get on with the process of saying goodbye if I've seen them in an open casket.

I'm weird though, so that might just be me tongue.gif
I haven't had anyone close to me die since I was very young, but my great-uncle twice removed (or something similarly vague) died a year or two ago and he had an open-casket funeral. The mortician had done such a good job that it looked as though he would stop dozing and sit up at any moment. It was more disturbing than just knowing that he was gone, but death affects everyone differently, I suppose.
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